SWEEPS!!! Independent Merchants Fall 2013 Season Over

Hello everybody. Last night we bowled our final game for the Fall 2013-2014 Independent Merchants league. It is with mixed emotions that I write this entry; on the one-hand, when the bowling season ends that signifies the start of spring and spring like activities like fishing and disc gold. On the other hand it signifies saying goodbye to all of our fellow bowlers, the people we have  been bowling with for more than a dozen years.

This coming year, my team will be finding a new house to bowl at. You see, there were some rather serious mistakes made by various bodies charged with maintaining our lanes etc…and they stumbled a bit on the job. Without getting into finger-pointing and hard feeling I will say that because of that the only way we can let the league know we are unsatisfied with them is to take our bowling dollars elsewhere. So starting next month we will be looking at some other establishments for Monday night bowling.

Enough about that stuff and onto the scores for the night. Or rather let me explain what last night entailed on a larger scope. The teams that took first in any of the four quarters squared off against one another to determine the winner on the entire league. This pretty much is just bragging rights, but what bragging rights! In addition to that everyone in the league, including the four top-place teams are bowling sweeps. Sweeps is a mini tournament for money.

Each week a certain amount of the money we pay in our dues is allocated to a prize fund for payouts at the end of the league. In addition some amount of money is allocated to individual awards for high handicap series. In addition to this each person in the league can then sign up with as many people as they want to enter into the doubles category. It costs you a dollar plus a dollar from the person you are signing up with to enter. I signed up with about 30-35 people plus a $5 pot.

The ceiling for determining handicap is 220, so a person with a 201 average (me in this case) would get 220-201=19 pins per game or 3×19=57 pins added to their total scratch series score for a final total. You then add that score to each person you signed up with for your doubles score. Scores of 1500+ are not unheard of and this year will be no exception.

On to the scores. I will also be adding in handicap so the scores will be higher than normal.

  • (155) Mr. Pink 172-163-158=493+195 (220-155=65×3)=688
  • (144) Lenny 154-129-159=442+228 (220-144=76×3)=670
  • (161) ‘Zilla 157-191-160=508+177 (220-157=59×3)=685
  • (172) Toad 191-208-170=569+144 (220-172=48×3)=713
  • (201) Awe 206-247-245=698+ (220-201=19×3)=755

I am not sure how many places will be paid out. But based on that, how many entries there were plus how many people did well will determine where the floor is for making money. I figure around the 700 mark is a fair line for that but that is only a guess. Often it is one of the guys you don’t think about winning because they aren’t the 200+ bowlers which is a big mistake. Some about Uma Thurman.

I might make a follow-up post on this to say how many times I placed in the money, not how much money I won but how many spots I placed with. As I mentioned earlier I signed up with about 30-35 and I know about 5 people who all shot over 700. I might just forget about it if I think it is in bad taste. Must think on this.

Peace to you all!

More to come…




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Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 28

  • (156) Mr. Pink-155-160-145=460 (153) -3
  • (144) Lenny-160-123+203=486 (162)+18
  • (161) Ruben-161-172-168=501 (167) +6
  • (172) Tod-123-165-162=450 (150) -22
  • (200) James-235-177-263=675 (225) +25

As a team we took 10 out 35 points and as a team we were +24 for the night.

Unfortunately for us the other team bowled much better than we did and it looks like they will take over first place for the quarter. With any luck we will hold onto second place but I think we will end up in third place.

Some good news; my brother (Lenny) wound up taking most individual points won and most improved average. In our league you can only take the honors for one award but they both pay the same and he does have bragging rights for the next year. This was really quite an achievement. Fantastic job Lenny!

It also appears that (for me anyway) the lanes have got back to some semblance of normalcy and I have been able to find a shot the last several weeks. Just one more week to go.

Sweeps night is next week and except for the teams that took 1st in any one  (or more) quarter, we get to bowl for ourselves. It is the one night you are really on your own. I guess technically you still want everyone else to do well but you have doubles partners instead of a team to concern yourself with so you want everyone to do well. This is kind of an odd time for me because as of late I have been bowling well but for the three months previous I had averaged 177, which is 23 pins below where I am now and a total of 40 pins below from the height of my average on week 12. How the mighty hath fallen. So, on one hand, I don’t need to worry about holding the team back with my terrible bowling and on the other hand I feel a little guilty about now starting to come out of my slump just in time to largely only benefit myself.

I will keep you posted on how we did next week and then we are done with bowling for the season until next fall.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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Welcome Greenleaf Enterprises LLC!

Late last week my business website went live! I couldn’t be more excited, proud, nervous and excited. See what I did there? I am that excited.

The business is a blending of two elements; web media (the stuff I have been doing for many years), and voice talent (the stuff I am interesting in learning and growing in for years to come).

For the last 3+ months I have been researching and implementing all the services, utilities, hardware, software, costs and time investments it took to get this off the ground. Let me just say, starting a business takes a lot of work and patience (something that I don’t have a ton of). With the assistance of a former colleague (and friend) who did virtually all the HTML for the website plus various other researching projects and the constant support of my awesome (and infinitely patient) wife, I am now proud to introduce you to my new website and business.

You can get to it here: Greenleaf Enterprises LLC

There are still a few elements I am working on to get rid of the last few bugs but for the very large part, the site is finished and I can start working again.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 27

  • (155) Mr. Pink-168-172-158=498 (166) +11
  • (143) Lenny-135-178-156=469 (156) +13
  • (160) Ruben-142-185-179=506 (168) +8
  • (172) Toad-193-191-150=534 (178) +6
  • (199) Awe-198-187-279=664 (221) +22

As a team we took either 31 or 31 out of 35. The difference in total points is in question because I was bowling a vacant bowler and I am a little unclear on who takes the points if I don’t make average but our team wins the game. So…we either take 31 or 32. Yeah!

We were +60 as a team and everyone made their average. This was a pretty major night as it is the night before position round and we wanted as many points as possible so we set ourselves up as well as possible for next week.

Special notes; Mr. Pink made average every game, the only person to do so on our whole team. The other note is that I was able to figure the lanes out for 1 game and rolled a 279 my last game. The 7th frame (the 9/spare) was a pocket-shot but was flat coming in. I had dropped my shoulder ever so slightly and crossed my body and didn’t get the ball out like I needed to. Solid 10-pin. In any case this was a good night.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 26

  • (156) Mr. Pink-149-127-159=435 (145) -11
  • (142) Lenny-170-177-129=476 (158) +16
  • (160) Ruben-154-196-161=511 (170) +10
  • (172) Toad-174-182-175=531 (177) +5
  • (199) Awe-160-245-212=617 (205) +6

We spit with the other team tonight 17 (us), 18 (them). No to bad. We missed the overall total pin count by 13 pins. A little frustrating to get so close to the overall pin count but not a bad night at all.

As a team we were +26 over average with 4 of 5 of us making average. Mr. Pink struggled a little more than the rest of us. I have a feeling he will be back on top of his game next week.

Lenny and ‘Zilla were +16 and +10 pins over average respectively and were the boss leaders for the night.

Toad and I were +5 and +6 respectively.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 25

  • (155) Mr. Pink-147-127-210=484 (161) +6
  • (142) Lenny-123-192-122=437 (145) +3
  • (149) Brian-169-165-159=493 (164) +15
  • (171) Toad-155-246-224=625 (208) +37
  • (197) Awe-231-228-242=701 (233) +36

We took 24 out of 35 team points. As a team we were +97 for the team or +19 per person. This might be the best overall I have seen us do in terms of all of us making average.

Kudos to Tod and myself for crushing our averages at +37 and +36 respectively. Brian also did very well at +15.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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Independent Merchants – 2013-2014 – Wk. 24

  • (156) Mr. Pink-130-140-148=418 (139) -17
  • (144) Lenny-123-117-98=338 (112) -32
  • (161) Zilla-129-143-124=396 (132) -29
  • (171) Toad-131-194-169=494 (164) -7
  • (198) Awe-151-151-165=467 (155) -43

We took 10 out of 35 points and as a team we were -128 for the team average. This is perhaps the worst I have ever seen us do as a team.

The shining light at the end of this very dark tunnel was that Tod made his average his second game. Every other game for everyone was under average.

Glad this night is over.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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