Independent Merchants 2016-17 Wks 1-3

The Wrecking Crew

Week #1 – 92 pins under for team average – 6/29 (Points won/lost)


  • (166) Mr. Pink-{157}-{166}-{129}=452 {150} -16
  • (158) Lenny-{150}-{156}-{154}=460 {153} -5
  • (162) Ruben-{133}-{117}-{148}=398 {132} -30
  • (180) Tod-{176}-{168}-{145}=489 {163} -17
  • (212) James-{179}-{171}-{214}=564 {188} -24

Week #2 – 7 pins under for team average – 30/5 (Points won/lost)

  • (166) Mr. Pink-{142}-{148}-{145}=435 {145} -21
  • (158) Lenny-{196}-{191}-{126}=513 {171} +13
  • (-) Terumi-{171}-{121}-{125}=417 {139} 0
  • (180) Tod-{187}-{200}-{167}=554 {184} +4
  • (212) James-{204}-{184}-{241}=629 {209} -3

Week #3 – 3 pins under for team average – 24/11 (Points won/lost)

  • (166) Mr. Pink-{124}-{148}-{198}=470 {156} -10
  • (158) Lenny-{196}-{193}-{170}=559 {186} +28
  • (162) Ruben-{130}-{208}-{193}=531 {177} +15
  • (180) Tod-{149}-{192}-{163}=504 {168} -12
  • (212) James-{213}-{169}-{212}=594 {198} -14

Welcome back bowling enthusiasts. It is that time once again and after a year long break we are back to the action of bashing pins. Moving forward I will post regularly, I just got caught up in a ton of other things that siphoned my time away up until now.

One thing to note is that we are keeping our ending averages from the last league in 2014. That is why we all have the same average for the 1st 9 games, after which we will take the average of those nine games, except for Terumi who was establishing on week 2.

As you can see we started slow as a team with not a single one of us making our average for the night and our point total bears that out with only six of them.

The second week Terumi subbed for Ruben. As a team we did a bit better with bright spots being Tod and Lenny bowling like they knew what they were doing. Mr. Pink and I continued our struggles and Terumi established average. We did manage to take 30 points for the night was a gift we aren’t going to complain about.

This past week was better still for Lenny who continues to dominate his average while Ruben, who had a sub-par start, managed to crush the last 2 games. Mr. Pink, Tod and  I continue to struggle. For the night we took 24 points which places us tied in 9th out of 17 teams.

Peace be with you!

More to come…


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Rose City Comic Con

NOTE: I will placing small pictures in this post but you can always click on the image to see it full sized. There are so many pics I want to share and this is the best way to do it I think.


The masses await entry

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Rose City Comic Con. Having been to many comic book conventions in the past as well as working in the comic book industry for a period of time in the 90’s while I was employed at first with Second Genesis and later on with Diamond Comic Distributors I had an idea of what this would be like and was on the fence about what my experience might entail. I admit I was skeptical and thought this would be a bunch of comic book owners trying to wholesale their old copies of whatever they didn’t sell in the previous twelve months. Maybe a few people would be selling Magic the Gathering cards and whatever fad that might be current. Boy was I wrong!


Even this Dalek has to wait its turn to enter

Not to bag on the Portland Memorial Coliseum, but compared to the Oregon Convention Center it’s like a sad fixture that time forgot. Like on the first day of school when all your chums show up with new kicks and you’re still wearing the same ones you mucked around in all summer. Kinda like that.


Impressive Wookiee!

The venue was great and easy to get to. The enthusiasm was incredible with TONS of cosplay being represented. There were large areas given over to an old-timey stand-up arcade with several of the staples from the 80’s and the 90’s being represented as well as the all-popular pinball machines. There was an area setup to resemble your favorite 80’s themed living room complete with actual working NES and Atari 2600 systems. Tons of space for tabletop gaming, a staged area for talks and what seemed like hundreds of booths selling everything from new/old comics (of course), t-shirts, crazy hand-made wackiness, movie and t.v. weapons, costumes, legos and so much more. There was a booth dedicated to pirates for…just being pirates. There was also an area where tattoos were being worked on. Actual tattoos! People brought in books they were selling that had been kick-started, artists galore and a fro-yo pod right in the center of it all.


Doesn’t this bring back memories?


It was AMAZING! My buddy who had a booth selling off hard to find merch had an extra exhibitor badge that he gave me. I traded off with a little of my time at his booth giving him time to get autographs/food and use the restroom. All in all it was a great trade for me. This allowed me to enter before all the public and visit with the various stations/booths beforehand without the thronging masses.


I always knew!


I stayed for only three hours which is really all my old tired out body can handle these days but it was well worth the aches and pains I endured later on. If you get the chance, get to it the next time around, you wont be sorry.


Hey, it’s Barf, from Spaceballs!







AT-AT Attack!






A Garthim and Jen the Gelfling…friends- who knew?




Also, I found that it is just plain fun to people-watch. I loved the creativity and effort that went into all these costumes, many of which were homemade.

Peace be with you!

More to come…


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Road Trip Conclusion

20160903_1543041This will be short and hopefully not too scattered. But with me you never can tell.

Our road trip concluded with a short stay in Osoyoos (we cut it short by a day), then made our way to Seattle for a short visit with family (made longer by a day).

Overall the road-trip was amazing in so many ways; the landscape (Canada especially) was so different and in your face the way it just rose up and was so close to you was beyond imagining. The water which was glacier fed and ice-blue was simply amazing and a bit unreal looking. Another odd element of the trip I recognized, although I found it quite cool, were the crows. There were tons of them along the roadside everywhere. Not only that, but they were huge, like they had eaten a small moose or herd of elk. Definitely not like anything I have experienced here in Oregon. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oregon and will always call it home (until I become independently wealthy and can retire in Hawai’i) but I have to admit that Canada was pretty amazing. If you ever get the opportunity to visit, you should do so. Not to short-change Idaho in my praise – simply amazing, particularly Coeur d’Alene. Also, the exchange rate for the dollar is really good up there too, so that makes it another ideal place to vacation.

The people in Canada were generally very nice and very fit. It was a little odd but maybe not. I think they just have a different lifestyle..or maybe it is because their alcohol is so damned expensive that no one can afford it…and thus avoid all the calories that come with.đŸ™‚ Also the speed-limit was slower than what you might be accustomed to in the States. Even though it was slower I have to give credit to those locals, they do know how to keep things moving on the freeway. There were only two lanes and unless you wanted to pass another car, actually pass it not just hog the passing lane, they just stayed in their lane or went around. It was all very smooth. Also, almost no one ever went the speed limit. We definitely stood out as not being from around there.

Finally, if you head your way to Canada, make sure you have enough time though to see all the areas you want to. There are just so many rivers and mountains and forests and lakes to see that you might want to plot something out…or not, just rambling around will get you to see some pretty amazing sites too.

Peace be with you!

More to come…

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Road Trip ~ Day 7

Alas our time in beutiful land known as Canada has grown short and our time has come to quick for us to leave. Today we left Canmore and made our way SW to the lovely town of Osoyoos in British Columbia.


I love these pics. If you can’t over…go through.

Driving time took from between 7.5 and 8.5 hours. Probably the farthest I have ever driven. Not that Jessica didn’t volunteer several times to take the wheel, I just felt like I needed to be able to handle a long day of driving myself. Maybe to prove I could do it I guess. I know, dumb, whatever!


I am pretty sure Canada manufactures rainbow fragments.

Most of the day was spent passing from one mountainous shape on one side with some water feature down below, going through a tunnel or getting rained on. Sometimes all three at a time. It was a little dreary but was still quite scenic and our eyes were not disappointed.


The right-hand side view from our balcony in Osoyoos.

Having made our way into Osoyoos and our hotel room acquired, we decided on dinner, a place called Convivia. It was amazing! They specialize in Italian and French cuisine. It was kind of the perfect topper to a fantastic journey. If you every find yourself in this neck of the woods, stop in for something, you wont regret it.


Left-hand side view from our balcony in Osoyoos.



Our view from our hotel room that we will only be in for one night overlooks a lake, go figure. With so much beauty  contained within it’s borders, it’s so hard to say anything I haven’t already said.  I will sum up with only one word – Spectacular!


Not sure if Canadians believe in ghosts but I think this proves their existence.

One little tid-bit about Osoyoos; as we came in to this city, for MANY kilometers prior to entry, the roadside was littered thick with farms producing fruit of all manner. Apples and grapes were in large evidence. Almost like there was no other place thqat fruit would grow unless it was alongside the roadway. Just an odd thing…to me. Maybe i’m just weird for noticing it.


Who knew that Batman lived in Canada?

And for any of you car/motorcycle buffs out there, here is the closest thing I have seen to the Batmobile in a long time. It was parked in our parking garage. Who knew Batman moved to Canada…I didn’t.


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Road Trip ~ Day 6

Our journey today unfolds in the form of a quest; a quest for lunch. We are told that such a thing can be obtained by visiting the great and powerful Calgary (pronounced Cal-gree) whereby all manner of lunches have been reportedly seen in recent times.


Our trek starts out easy enough in our motor coach for the nearly 100 kilometers from our current location at Canmore. The journey was wrought with stories from the old times near as our recolections could manage. Stories of the bizaare, strange and weird were bandied about.


In no time at all we were upon the fabled land of Calgary and soon were leaving our trusty steed for a more appropriate mode of travel for our current mission – our feet. This poor sap was no help at all getting us we where we wanted to go.


As we travelled further and further into the dense and very tall jungle of Calgary, we found ourselves lost and had to ask for help. At first we sought help from a large metallic horse. He wasn’t much help at all. His language was full of metallic screaches and horrific scraping sounds. We left quickly.


After some truly maniacal and devious pieces of crazy artwork we had to cross over, we thankfully came across a large canine whose wisdom we couldn’t have succeeded without. We told him him of our journey for the elusive lunch and he told of our destination and how it was mere blocks away and to get there before the sun shines on the far side of it, whatever that means. We were off. Soon our destination was within sight.


At last we made it to the fabled tower of Calgary where are told that lunch can be obtained within. Before ultimately catching up with our prey, we make our way into its inner sanctum. The view from such was spectacular.


In the end, we did finally manage to secure our quarry. While devouring our repast we were entertained by the lands of Calgary from the magical way-up.




For the rest of the evening, we made our way back to the resort, visited the pool, hot tub and sauna before having a home cooked meal and watching Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

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Road Trip – Days 4-5

For day four of our excursion, we met up with some good friends of ours who were actually the peeps that invited us to go into Canada when this all started last year. They were staying at a campground some 3 hours away so it was a must do for us with them being so close.



The campsites/grounds were much the same as we have in the states with fire pits, places to park your cars and beautiful scenery. One thing I really did appreciate was that you had the choice of paying for unlimited firewood. I was told it was so people wouldn’t bring in their own wood which might be infested with some sort of destructive bug. Also it made it so we didn’t have to scavenge off the ground. Bonus!



While we were at camp Jessica and Kelli went to town for some much needed supplies and on their way they did happen across a black bear, something we have to proof our camp against at night while we camp. A little scary to think about but since I don’t really taste good, being all stringy and tough, I had nothing to worry about or is it aboot?


Once we had arrived at the campsite we set up our tent and unloaded our gear which only included some sleeping bags and some pads with which to keep the stray mother nature from poking me in the back whilst I slept.


The campsite was located along a river, another blue waterway. It was amazing. The night was a spectical and although we had cloud cover and couldn’t really see the stars for most of the night we were treated to a lightning show that lit up the entire night sky and lasted for the better of an hour.  Sadly I have no pictures of the lightning show but I can tell you it was magical as are almost all the experiences in the outdoors.


We stayed up drinking and talking into the dark hours of the night. Once down for the night, sleep came pretty quick, although was later interupted by a mini wind storm that preceeded a night of rain. Glad I put the rain fly over us and the tarp below.đŸ™‚




Yesterday we made our way back to the resort we were staying at in Canmore and were joined by Kelli and Genevieve from among the our friends that invited us on this little excursion. On the drive back we stopped at Lake Moraine. This seemed like an unlikely place to stop but with a giant mound of rocks, who could resist. Oh and plus the water was blue…of course!  BTW, I believe we have found out why all the water has been blue that we have seen so far; it comes from a glacier.



After arrriving back at our resort we decided that pizza was in order for the nights’ meal plus a movie. The pizza was grand, all the topping you want. We had a half and half, canadian bacon/pineapple + pepperoni and for the other was something like black and green olives, sausage, onions, feta cheese, banana peppers, salami and tomatoes. Yumm!


The days have been between mid-sixties at higher elevations to low eighties almost everywhere else. The nights have been a little warm for my taste but a quick opening of the window letting in some cool air and night sounds make the sleep that of the dead for me for most of the night.










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Road Trip ~ Day 3 ~ Canada Awaits

BREAKING NEWS – In this installment of our road trip I must start out by saying that you shouldn’t, or rather I shouldn’t, do anything before having coffee. This includes making coffee! I, in my fog-brained stupor this morning, tried to make coffee in the maker that has come with our accommodations. Pretty standard stuff right? Wrong! Step 1. Pour coffee grounds into coffee maker Step 2. Pour in water Step 3. Turn on and wait for delicious coffee to gather below. You would think that I did everything correct, but no. I forgot the most important step of all; investigate and find out if indeed your coffee maker uses a paper filter or not before doing all of the aforementioned steps. If it requires one (the filters located by the coffee would be a good indicator of this) please use it. Coffee abuse is out of control, and who wants that? Really!

On with our regularly scheduled programming – Yesterday we packed up and made our way from Coeur d’Alene to Eastport just before the US/Canadian border. We stopped off at the Duty Free store for some adult libations and proceeded onward. Interesting thing when you get alcohol right before you get into Canada, the people at the store actually drive your booze up to the border and hand it off to you right before the checkpoint where you show your passports. I understand why, but odd all the same.

Much of the day was spent driving; from Coeur d’Alene to Canmore Alberta Canada was about 6-7 hours. I must say that the Canadian Rockies are AMAZING. something you don’t get to see in Oregon. The Cascades are awesome too, just in a different way. I hope the pics I am attaching make my case.

One thing I noticed right off was that all speed signs were in kph .vs mph like in the states. Another thing that makes sense, just that I am sheltered and don’t leave my own crib very often. In fact, this is my first trip to Canada and only my second time outside the US.

We did run parallel to the Kootenay River for while. The amazing thing about this river was that it is an icy blue. It didn’t matter where we were along its length, it was the same blue. It was beautiful and bewildering.

As I mentioned earlier, we spent most of the day in the car and trying to describe all we saw that was spectacular would be an exorcise in futility. I will say that along the way we saw deer by the roadside on several occasions, tons of turtles on logs at a small pond we explored at one rest stop, expressive cumulous clouds and Jess even spotted a rainbow fragment that just is. The picture will show what I mean.

Once we arrived at our resort in Canmore, we brought in our things and decided where to go for dinner. Our destination, The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. Jess had the shaved prime rib burger, side of fries and an IPA whereas I had the Montreal smoked meat with a side of poutine and their stout.

Tomorrows post will be delayed as we will be meeting up with friends and camping with them. If I don’t post later on, you know that I have been eaten by a grizzly bear.

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