A look into the life of an ordinary guy

An experiment in life:

Today (010511) is a very exciting and nerve-wracking day for me. For the first time I will become like so many others before me…a blogger.

You may ask yourself “how will this blog differ from any other schmucks blog”? The answer is…it wont. In a lot of ways that is. In some ways it may. Firstly this is more of the first step in a series of steps I am making myself take to become a better me. Hopefully this will be transformative and exciting and energizing. I already am nervous, anxious and scared shitless. On a side note it also means that my site will contantly be in a state of flux – not like in flux-capacitor cuz those are really tough to get your hands on and stuff – as I learn about website functionality, layout and design.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you can get a glimpse into my world and who I am in a strictly a 2-dimentional way. 😉 As we take this journey together maybe I will become more a real person and less a paper bag puppet from a Fandango commercial.

I am a 41 yr old newly married man for the first (and last) time just over a year ago August, average guy or at least I think I am average guy trying to survive in this world of craziness.

I work a 9-5 job that is really like a 3-6(yes am) to 12-4pm job for a large company that bought the very tiny company I worked at that specializes in Internet Conferencing. Pretty boring I know. I record live events, recreate old events and generally wonder to myself how I ended up here. Sometimes I record two or three events at a time so am on my ass behind 4 computers and 8 monitors all day long.

In the off hours for myself, when not doing something off the “honey-do” list I play Magic the Gathering, MTG or simply “Gic” as we like to call it sometimes, disc golf (weather permitting), bowl (213 ave), play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) every Wednesday night, play Civilization IV and just recently Braid on my laptop. I am an avid reader of Sci-fi/Fantasy novels, TPB’s, Graphic Novels and occasionally comics. I also love cribbage, board games and have a special place in my heart for what my friends and I call “Rail Games”. Mayfair, the company that brings us all things Catan, also has a series of games that are of different geographic locations around the world that are played on large sections placed together like a jigsaw puzzle but with only 4-6 pieces and crayons to draw your rail lines. It is basically a game of supply and demand where you build tracks to a place that supplies your contract commodity and then tracks/rail lines connecting to the city that will pay you money for your load of goods. It is awesome. My friends and I have been playing for more than 20 years.

Several times a year my wife and I and some awesome friends plan some camping trips and fishing excursions. Also once or twice a year my wife and I like to take a trip somewhere awesome. For our honeymoon we went to Australia and to celebrate the anniversary of our honeymoon this year we went to Hawaii (Maui – go Kehei). I know it may seem odd to celebrate our honeymoon but we went in November and Australia and Hawaii are both enjoying wonderful (more wonderful) weather during that time of year.

 On the physical side of me I have sciatica that has caused some numbness behind my right knee and right ankle. This means things like running doesn’t happen for me as it tends to make me resemble the hunchback of Notre Dam. This happened about 5 years ago (the numbness) and I have been making strides to get back to pre-numb condition. This includes stretching (sometimes) and walking (all the time) to keep my muscles from tightening up and putting pressure on the nerves in my spine that may wreak greater havoc on my body should I not do those things.

It is fair to say that I am overweight by as much as 40-50 pounds. I type using the old hunt and peck method. I am actually a quick pecker, get it…pecker. I also have a terrible sense of humor. I think it is great but admit to it being pretty juvenile. I like physical slapstick humor like the Three Stooges as well as their more contemporary counterparts seen on almost any show that plays video of someone getting destroyed on a bike that didn’t quite make a jump or any given show that has people run through a gauntlet of impossible challenges where they ultimately get crunched, smashed, folded in half backwards and dropped to their watery doom 10-15 feet below.

Having said all that, I believe I fit into the category of ordinary guy. I work, I play, I sleep etc…My goals are to be more than that and by sharing my day-to-day experiences with all of you my aim is to be more accountable with what I say and do. Up until recently I never really set goals. I floated through life paycheck to paycheck without looking up to see what was on the horizon. I like the analogy a leaf in a stream, just taking the path of least resistance. I went to movies. I bought movies and all manner of stuff that cluttered my apartment. I ate out often at fast places or ordered pizza. I think people can relate to that. What I didn’t do was make conscious choices about what I wanted and how to get there from here. From now I want to be better, be extraordinary about shedding the old habits and thinking a little more outside the box in how I approach everyday life.

Today my journey begins. Gambol with me a while will you?

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1 Response to A look into the life of an ordinary guy

  1. Karynn says:

    Excellent Blog! Very well written aside from the occasional typo. This is very engaging, funny and real. It’s fresh! I did that! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. K


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