The weekend has come…and gone

This weekend started off with a get together with several friends to throw down some Magic. It was nice to see friends, do a little shit talking, drink a little (or more than a little) and see how everyone was doing after the holidays. I was very glad to hear that everyone was still doing well.

The evening went as planned….almost. I got my ass handed to me every game.  Since we had an overly large group of around six people we had to break into three teams of two. This was largely so that we can keep the pace of the game s up and get more games in. Normally we play with four or five on the large side but on this night the people kept coming.

We have a good mix of new school and old school players. I myself am considered the old guard having been collecting from the era of Antiquities, and Legends. Some of the other card players haven’t been playing as long as I have but have a greater mastery of it. We all have our strengths I guess. I have about 40 decks. I am a good player with a good collection of cards but I play tribal decks in about 60% of my decks.

In addition to playing cards or “playing games” as my wife says on Friday I had other responsibilities that took most of my Saturday.

Saturday my day started off taking my sister shopping. My sister has some physical problems and doesn’t drive.  Every month I take her to the bank and then grocery shopping. Once I finished with that I stayed and had a cup of coffee with mom while we talked. My mom and sister share an apartment in SE Portland.

As I was sitting chatting about nothing with my mom after my coffee I remembered my wife and I had to head to go to Tigard to pick up wine from our wine club.

Over the summer my wife and I went to the “Bite” where her band – Power Pep Band – was playing and went through the plethora of wine booths. We finally decided to join the Pacific Northwest Wine Club.

Once we completed our tasting and pickup we headed home for what I thought was an evening of relaxation. Not so much.

I had forgotten that I committed to removing and replacing calking around the bathtub this weekend. Ever notice that home projects take more time than you expect? Since I realized this I jumped on the removal of the calking as soon as we arrived home. Two hours later I felt I had removed enough of the calking that I could call it a day…finally.

Sunday we slept in until almost eleven – very nice – and slowly got things moving. A cup of coffee and bowl of cereal later I knew I had started in on the bathroom. My wife and I had purchased three canisters of calk weeks earlier knowing this was the next project to do.  The calking came in two stages, one using white to fill the gap and one using clear about 8 hours later to add more thickness so there is no pockets for water to collect under the tiles.

All in all I am very content with the job I did and am now relaxing watching the Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat duel it out recorded earlier.

More to come…

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