A Week of Silence…

It has been just over a week since my last entry. This is exactly NOT what I wanted to do by starting this social experiment. My goal was and still is to write every day or ever other day so I get into the habit of talking about what is going on in my world. I plan to be as open as I can be when talking and will mention friends & family by first name only to protect the lives of the innocent…

Let’s for the sake of making things somewhat right talk about what did happen over this past week shall we? (Yes that is the “Royal We”)

My wife and I are season ticket holders for the Portland Trail Blazers and went to a couple games since last I wrote.

January 11th vs. Knicks * L 86-100

January 15th vs. Nets * W 96-89

January 17th vs. Timber wolves *W 113-102

I love basketball (and not just the Blazers) or more specifically I like different players in the league and see how they improve from year to year. The pace of the game is more to my liking than any other sport…probably because of my ADD. I kid but my attention wonders if it isn’t being stimulated. This is no way a sleight against anyone that does have ADD or ADHD. I can’t possibly imagine how challenging things can be for individuals with any sort of physical or mental difficulties.

 Football has moments that offer excitement every now and again but generally is dull to me because of the constant dog pile at the line of scrimmage. .. and forget about baseball.

You may ask if I play or at any time played any of these sports and the answer is yes. I played baseball for years when I was really young. Not like t-ball young but slightly older, think elementary school. I was never very good at it however. I was gangly and had no people to play around with. I only joined because friends of mine did…damn peer pressure.

Later on I took up bowling and continue to this day. That’s a story for another time.

After all that it appears I have written very little in terms of actual substantive content. I will get better at it. This is my training wheel period. I will improve…eventually.

The rest of the week was broken up somewhat by a last-minute scheduling change at work that had me in a 1am Thursday morning. This of course destroyed the plans I had made to get together with my gaming crew on Wednesday night. It also gad me in bed by 6pm which meant I also didn’t have really any time to say two words to my wife before packing it up for the evening.

Thursday went smoothly and was out of work by 10am. I didn’t complain too much about the early shift because the events I cover that are “after hours” for my company which are before 5am PT and after 6pm PT yield extra $$$ into my pocket. This little event grossed me an extra $200 bones so I wasn’t complaining too hard.

Friday night my wife and I had an impromptu date night. We went to the Laurelhurst theatre for “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” where we got to enjoy beer and popcorn during the movie…cuz it’s Portland and we do things like that here. Afterwards we stopped by a little gelato place around the corner and enjoyed some wonderful tasty treats for dessert. I developed a love for gelato in Australia, where you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a gelato kiosk. Sadly I don’t remember the name of the place we went but will update this article when I do remember it in case anyone else is looking for late night gelato.

Sunday was sadly an early day for me because I had a four-hour teleconference to sit in on for a Voice Over (VO) company that I signed up with that was giving an informative class on the VO industry.

It was really pretty exciting and the time flew by amazingly fast. My wife and I have discussed it and have decided that this is something to take a closer look at. More on that later.

Before this four-hour event I made breakfast for my wife and I that consisted of pancakes made from scratch and coffee that we brought back with us from Hawaii. It was delicious!

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