Russian Rails

Since Paul is in China on work related business until the end of the month and we hadn’t been together for a game night in many weeks, most of the “crew” decided to get together for “Rails”.

The crew last night was made up of Ruben, Craig, my brother Lenny (Linus) and me. Jenn (Ruben’s wife) sat this one out.

Our game of choice tonight…Russian Rails. I think Craig and Ruben have played Russian Rails once before so that left Linus as the only player not to have played it before. This meant he was not familiar with the particulars of this particular rail game. Not that it made much of a difference as Linus came in second to Craig, who destroyed Ruben and myself but only won out over Linus by about 50-70 Million.

All things being equal, it was a good night. It seems like everyone was well rested after the holidays and are ready for the return of Paul so that we can get the new year started off with some dice slinging.

The night ended a little early so I was able to get home and spend some time with my wife before I headed to bed for the night.

More to come.

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