A little bit of my soul dies every day…

I have to go into my corporate job. Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE having a job that pays me well for what I do but the corporate world is NOT for me. I want more time to be creative and work on things that truly will make me happy. To that end I am taking classes to be a voice-over actor. This is something I have been thinking about for the last couple of years. From the outside looking in it looks like it will be challenging, creative, fun and time flexible. I am doing this in the hopes that I will be able to at some point in the relatively near future be able to quit my corp. job and devote 100% of my time doing things meaningful to me. Know what I mean? Something that benefits me, and not just from a financial standpoint. I want to work toward my goals, not some arbitrary floating dollar amount the company has set up in order to keep the monkeys cranking the gears and cogs.

My ultimate goal is to quit my Mon-Fri gig after I have built up my voice-over (VO) clientele list, start an online business selling nuggets of creative juice freshly squeezed from my mind, and start writing gaming material. I know I want to create D&D modules but it’s more than that, I would ultimately like to write something more substantial. A novel perhaps!? Maybe not but if I am going to dream, dream big.

Ultimately I would like to open a game/hobby store in my community of St. Johns. There isn’t anything like that over here and this is something that I have been looking into doing for the last couple years. I had looked into buying a business that it’s owners were selling ‘cuz they were retiring and wanted to move out-of-state. The deal-breaker came when they insisted that along with the business the property was also being sold and both as a set. This probably triple or quadrupled the price. Since I didn’t want the already established location – yes I know all people say to stay with an established location, the client’s know where you are…blah blah blah – but the price was inflated because of the location and I feel like I could do better by my neighborhood if I opened a shop there.

I feel like I have a lot to offer to the gaming and St. Johns communities and I will be damned if I don’t make those ideas into realities.

More to come…

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