Latest Reading Material

Over the last couple of months I have been reading some new and old material and I would like to share some of those with you.

Watchman – Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons –> I enjoyed this TPB. I did read it after I had seen the movie. For me neither of those two things had any bearing of my enjoyment of the other. I liked the Pros throughout the book as overall thought the movie followed pretty closely with the exception of some pretty significant pieces towards the end. I have a colleague/friend at work that is a film maker. He and I talk about movies. He is a great resource for interesting perspectives about movies. He looks at it with a different eye. More than one time he has spoke about a film with incite that I had not had and it changed my opinion of my original opinion of the movie.

Criminal – Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips –> Loved the illustrations and the dark stories. Definitely not your hollywood ending stuff. I also appreciated how one story was connected with the next by one of the characters, even marginally.

Dog Days – New Tricks – Unleashed – Play Dead (Currently Reading) -John Levitt –> My sister turned me on to these books. At first I was not impressed with them however over time I have learned to appreciate the author. He does a good job of making a believable character come to life. Kudos for sticking with your craft and developing the story.

Sandman TPB Series #1-#8 – Neil Gaiman –> Love this guy. What can I say. I believe Neil Gaiman has an incredible imagination and thank him for sharing it with us. I also appreciate the new idea of have different artists doing different stories. I find the Sandman collection my favorite of Neil’s work that I have read so far which includes American Gods & Neverwhere.

Elf Quest TPB #1-#8 – Wendy & Richard Pini –> I have been reading these for easily 25 years. One of my favorite stories of all time. I started these when I was not even a teenager. This is truly a wonderful blend of writing and art for any age to enjoy. I never did get into any of the story lines that came out after the original series ran its course.

Knights of the Dinner Table (monthly comic) – Kenzer & Company –> As a gamer I have enjoyed Knights since they appeared in Shadis magazine roughly about eleventy-billion years ago. They are awesome. As an aside; Kenzer & Company bought up all the rights to the old D&D stuff from TSR back in the 90’s I believe and were moving into later editions leaving the older editions to fester and become disgruntled at their lot in life. I believe K&C have rebranded it Hackmaster and even have put out some game material so that you can play the way you grew up playing with +5 Vorpal blades of slaying and shit. I may be off on some of those details and wish not to offend if I am incorrect in my data stream.

Over the last 2-3 months I have read this group of material. I have a routine at night before bed to read until I get tired. It is so ingrained that I have trouble sleeping if I don’t do it.

I am going to sign off for now.

I believe I will be changing my name to something remotely meaningful so that people will have an understanding of what the blog is about and may stop in for a visit. Not certain what I will call it yet or when it will happen but rest assured…it will happen.

More to come…

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