The Things we do for Love…

So my wife and I have decided to take ballroom dance. She had seen a groupon for it a while back and we agreed it would be fun to do it. To be fair I am not a free-style dancer at all and will do just about anything to get out of it. Also to be fair I probably need to get over my issues but until I do they are mine and I will continue to have my episodes concerning them.

We get 4 consecutive weeks of a 2 x 1 hour sessions for the first month, each session has 1 dance style. The following month is a single hour session for four weeks with another new style. Currently we are taking Fox Trot and another style I cannot remember and next month we will take the Cha-Cha.

I guess this serves me right; I told my wife since I am not really into open freestyle dance I would take lessons so as not to look like to big a goof-ball. Low-and-behold, Groupon comes to my stick it to me and I am left without a leg to stand on. Metaphorically speaking.

I think I would have appreciated the class more if both hours were dedicated to once style and there were fewer people. Groupon brings the people out, that is for sure. For the Fox Trot there were maybe thirty people and for the second dance I cannot remember we had maybe forty.

Too much going on and not enough times through to master the wicked dance steps that once mastered will make me look friggen AWESOME. So I lament.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to do this. My wife and I don’t share many interests so when she mentioned Ballroom dance it was a way to connect with her on another level that I could never do before. Plus she loves to dance but doesn’t go out dancing by herself. So here we are.

All in all I liked the class but am afraid I will need more time that what we have in class to learn the steps. Heaven forbid I may have to practice… 🙂

More to come…

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