Let’s Cha Cha

So last night my wife and I decided to really get our monies worth we paid Groupon and went for another dance lesson; this time it was the Cha Cha. You may remember that on Saturday Jess and I went for back-to-back classes; the Foxtrot and one I think was called something or another with dance club in the title. All classes are an hour-long.

The Cha Cha seemed to be a little more up my alley…up until we had to do a move than is called a New York. A New York is when you are together facing your partner and let go with your right-hand as she let’s go with her left, with the hands you are still holding you push out across your body and turn 90 degrees clockwise flaring out. Both of you do this. With your right-hand and her left you swing them out to add a little flair to the move to give it spice, I guess. All the time you are keeping time with your feet. I kept leaving one step out so was early on my turns. It was crazy, tough but actually very fun.

Seeing my wife smile and see the joy it brings to her that we both can have something new together has brought us closer. I admit that I thought it was going to be horrible but am greatly relieved to find out that many of the people there also were newbies and struggled as much as I did but still managed to have fun.

I guess anything worth doing is worth doing well. Whether Jess and I decide to keep taking dance or not I will feel terrible if I don’t give 100% effort while I have the chance now.

More to come…

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