Time to rest from the weekend…

So this weekend was really packed with lots of things to do. We even had to postpone one action item because my wifes back spasmed during her gig this weekend. Let me tell you all about it.

In an effort to make time for both my friends and Jessica (Jess) my wife, on Friday nights I started alternating weeks on specifically getting together with each in their own element; Friday night with the guys usually entails cards (Magic the Gathering A.K.A MTG or simply Gic (pronounced -Jik)) and a fair amount of drinking. With my wife I call it date night; we pick out something to do away from the house and spend some quality time with one another.

This Friday was date night. I knew it was coming and was still unable to find something suitable to do – or so I thought. Plan A – I initially suggested geocaching since this is something my wife said she would try with me a couple of years ago and with both of our phones having GPS not to mention there being geocaching apps out there to help the endeavor it seemed like an original idea that might actually have the dust brushed off it and put in the display case. This was not to be the plan however as my wife deftly pointed out that geocaching at that time of day would likely run into night and as we still get dark pretty early around here would not be the best choice.

Plan B – was to go out to a local sports bar and watch the Blazers play on a big screen. This would of course be accompanied by beer drinking and snacking on appetizers. I didn’t think it was terribly romantic so went with it as Plan B but as it turns out that it would have made and did make a good Plan A.

We drank, we ate, we watched our Blazers lose a game they had no business losing (in my humble opinion) and we were alternately entertained by another denizen at the bar there to watch his favorite college team ranked #19 play #6 ranked so-and-so. I don’t keep up with college ball at all. But this guy did apparently and was TOTALLY into it. Screaming out loud when something didn’t happen the way he wanted and hi-fiving his buddy (who he made take off his hoodie because it was orange and the opposing teams color) when something went his teams way. It was totally hilarious, this guy was REALLY into it. Jess giggled as the guy was pretty ridiculous and offered us moments of merriment. After that we went home to watch a little TV on my wifes laptop as we had purchased the week before a 51″ man-tastic television. subsequently I had deconstructed our old 32″ not-so man-tastic TV earlier in the day. About 9:30 we packed it in for an early night.

Saturday – I don’t really remember what we did before dance class at 2. We went to pick up the book shelf I had custom-made by and excellent craftsman some months back to hold all my gaming books and such. It also doubled as a stand for our 32″ TV as well. It soon became apparent the a 51″ TV would render this awesome bookshelf worthless as both a TV stand and bookshelf unless some additional shoring up took place because we could see the slightest bowing of it in the center from the weight of the TV. I dropped the shelf off on Friday after work and it was ready for us Saturday afternoon.

Once we arrived home and placed the shelf in its original home we practiced the Fox Trot and I felt pretty good with it before we left the house. Class was tough as we briefly went over what we previously learned and added more to it, as you would expect. We were both pretty tired after two hours of dance and decided to head home. Once home it was a priority to get our new TV set up. Not just because we wanted to see everything on a ginormous screen and it would bring me much joy but because we live in a tiny house – like 912 sq. ft. tiny and the room we have the TV in, (the Man Hole – like a man-hole you would find on the street) the largest bedroom, is only 9 x 11 so space is at a premium. The set went together pretty easily with the assembly of the base and the attaching of the base to the TV. Once complete we placed the monster upon its thrown and set to replacing all the wires in their correct homes. Once done we turned it on and set out to make sure it was properly set up with the best color etc. We have some fine tuning to do but we nailed it pretty good I think.

Knowing that home theatre glory was mere moments away I could not think of the or even a perfect movie to watch. My mind was locked up and I was afraid I was about to have a melt-down when my AWESOME wife made a super AWESOME suggestion in the form of one word – AVATAR. I happen to LOVE that movie and have watched it about 6-8 times since purchasing it a year ago. It was my favorite movie from 2009 followed closely by Start Trek. As an aside both movies have the gorgeous Zoe Saldana. That’s a topic for another day. After the movie we headed off to bed since Jess had a gig first thing in the AM – heaven forbid. Not to mention we have daylight savings time to contend with – yuck – oh how I weep for the loss of our hour.

Sunday is rudely thrust upon us at 5:50am so we can leave by 6:20 to make it downtown. Jess band – The Power Pep Band – were playing for the Shamrock Run for some 30,000 people across from Pioneer Place under the Nordstrom awning. Jess plays saxophone, both tenor and alto as needed. I haven’t been to many of her bands performances this year but they sounded great…and the runners, walkers and rollers alike applauded heartily as they approached and moved by.

It was during one of the saxophone swings they did that Jess threw her back out or pulled a muscle or something of the sort. Her back has been in pain ever since. We got home where I soon was set to making breakfast which consisted of potatoes, onions, red bell pepper, garlic, salt and pepper. Along with that I made bacon. I would have made coffee as well but my wife made herself tea and so I left the coffee unmade. We relaxed for a couple of hours while Jess napped and I played Civ IV on my laptop while watching a Man vs. Food marathon.

A buddy of mine Tod, was celebrating his 41st birthday in typical fashion – dinner at The Takahashi. The Takahashi serves really good, really authentic Japanese food. We all go there for sushi and the like. We spend a couple of hours with friends eating good food and getting caught up.

I need to back up a little bit right here because on the way to The Takahashi I noticed that is was not 5:30 as I thought it was but 4:30. I was looking at the clock in The Man-Hole and it clearly read 4:30ish and since I had not advanced it an hour and my wife didn’t do so I honestly thought it was 5:30. Wrong – It must have some sort of Daylight Savings Time adjustment built-in to it and made the change without human hands (Jess totally thinks I changed it and just forgot that I changed it).

So now we have an extra hour to burn before being at the restaurant. Knowing the Jennings as we do we know that they are going to bring cupcakes for dessert – something Jess cannot have unless they are vegan because of her no dairy restrictions right now, we decide to go to a vegan dessert place (I forget the name of the place we went but I will update this post when I find out) on the way to grab something for Jess before heading up. We did so and Jess picked a Snickerdoodle to share with me and Charlie Brown which is a three-layered brownie of some sort. I am sure it will taste wonderful as everything we have had there so far has been excellent.

After dinner was concluded we went home for a SNL 2 hour look back over the years montage that spoke with the actors, writers and of course Lorne Michaels, the Executive Producer for SNL since 1978 as well as a tone of other shows like Portlandia, 30 Rock, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as well as Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The show was really great as they gave so much behind-the-scenes detail you really had to appreciate how much they had to do over the years to pull it off one more time. Really and amazing watch.

We wrapped things up about 10:30 last night and are up at 5:30 ( I get to sleep in today – yippie) to head out for work.

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