The latest news….

It has been a number of weeks since last I wrote. Let me fill you in on what has been happening. So a number of weeks ago I went over to a friend’s house and pulled a marathon LOTR (Lord of the Rings) movie day. We’re not talking theatrical release but full on extended versions. Each ended up being about 4 hours long. It started at noon and ended just after 1am. Suffice it to say that it was a struggle. I had to fight the sleep monster off for the first part of the last movie but generally speaking made it through with both eyes open.

The experience is one that I can brag about and I really did enjoy the marathon at my friends home where they project movies onto their wall for about an 8 or 9 foot viewing area. Combined with awesome surround sound and comfy reclining couches we had it made.

Little did I know that my back, which I have had problems with off and on since I was 17 decided the following day to crap out on me. One minute I was sitting on a couch in Seattle visiting my wife’s family and the next I could not stand upright.

So for the next week I nursed it and things got better in terms of pain management from pain to stiffness and when Saturday arrived and I had two hours of ballroom dance ahead of me I actually wasn’t cringing but was looking forward to loosening up a bit doing the Rumba and Merengue. And I did too until Sunday came around and I went to watch a “Wraslin’ Pay-per-View” event at my buddy’s house. Afterwards my back was back to keeping me on the injured reserve list for a random period of time.

The week that followed had me playing some ‘Gic with friends on Friday where another buddy, Paul, offered the use of his inversion table for a week to see if it might help me at all. I have tried it a couple of times and will continue throughout the week in the hopes that some benefit can be garnered.

Also during this time I have been to the movies with a colleague/friend to see Hanna and watching the remaining episodes of the third/current season of Sons of Anarchy.

All the game playing/not home-body activities are because my wife is out-of-town and I need activities to fill my time. I mean I have them at home if I want them but those options are always there. This gave me an opportunity to relax a little bit and remember another time when I was a bachelor. As I think back I remember some good times but overall I remember them being lonely times for me. Not that I lacked for friends to do things with but lacked a partner-in-crime to make life choices with, to argue with, to plan trips with and to care for and be cared by.

I miss my wife but not so much that it intrudes on me being excited for her to visit her family or that I am frozen in place not knowing how to make myself dinner. That’s what a microwave is for anyway…isn’t it? Jess if you are reading this, I am kidding. I ordered pizza every night….NOT

So that has been the word from me on what has been happening with this forty something.

More to come…

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