Losing weight….and loving it!?

For the last 7 weeks my wife and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons. This all stems from the fact that I am a terrible freestyle dancer. You know the expression “Dance like nobody is watching”? When I dance(d) it would be that people could watch anything because it was blindingly terrible. Much of what we do and how we pull it off is how we convey confidence. I have seen many times someone do something that I was much better at but to afraid to try, and succeed because they were confident. But I digress…

I told my wife, Jessica, that I would take a structured dance class in the hopes that this would quell any further discussion about dance…boring. However I underestimated my wife, not for the first time, and soon she had discovered a ballroom dance Groupon for uptownballroomdance that she quickly snatched up. Again this was something that was done either late last year ot the very first part of this year if memory serves so I was in no great danger of actually having to dance any time soon.

It was not to long before I found myself signed up to take Foxtrot, Nightclub on Saturday afternoons and the Cha-Cha on Mondays evening. This was the first month of the class. This next month, the one we are in now is even more busy. We are taking Rumba, Merengue, Tango and the Waltz. What a tough lineup. Not really in that they are super complex although the way I dance them you would think so but because we are not taking any time to learn “A” dance from beginning to end. At first this really bothered me because I fealt like I was making headway in any one class. I soon discovered that several of the dance styles had similar moves to them so this second month is easier. Also conditioning from the first month has made it less of a physical impediment for me.

Fast-forward to the present after our 3rd Waltz class and I have to say the I am LOVING IT!!! Along with our Groupon for the two months of dance lessons we get 1/2 of private lessons in the dance of our choice. My wife and I have decided to do take Waltz. To me this is very exciting because I feel like for the first time maybe since we started these dance classes that I am looking forward to our next class. Actually last week after the Waltz I was eagerly anticipating this week. Now I am looking forward more than ever to next weeks class.

So I mentioned losing weight in all of this. I have lost between 12-18 pounds just because of dance. It isn’t like we are running miles and miles or anything like that, what we are doing is replacing 3-4 hours a week of sitting on our duffs with being more active. This is really great news for someone like me that has never liked exercise for the sake of it or for losing weight for that matter.

Growing up my friends and I always had something we could be doing outside. We walked everywhere or in the rare case I had a bike, usually lent to me, we rode everywhere. We played made up games or explored the neighborhood. As I got older and I got a car, I stopped my this main form of exercise and started driving everywhere. Fast forward to the present and I am 80 pounds heavier that in hi-school. To be fair I was REALLY skinny in hi-school but I am certainly 50 pounds overweight.

For dance I can say this, give it a chance, you may find something your really love. There are other benifits too; you get to meet and dance with lots of really interesting people.

On a personal note I would like to thank our intructor Leilani Nakagawa for the wonderful and inspirational lessons she gives each week.

More to come…

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