High hopes are dashed once again…

After the miraculous comeback game (best 13.5 minutes of basketball ever) the Blazers have been on the end of the beat-down stick at the hands of the Mavs…again. After tying the series up heading back to Dallas, Portland has been on the short end of things. I will be the first to admit that I am biased but when it comes down to it I like good basketball and most appreciate good play from whomever is doing it.

I noticed a startling stat that at halftime Portland had only attempted 1 free-throw compared to the 13-15 of Dallas. At that point in the game Portland had scored something like 28 points in the paint. Not from “J’s”. Not a single shooting foul in 14 trips down, and that’s when they scored not to mention all of the non-calls on missed shots. At the end of the day I see Portland scores 48 points in the paint and the Mavs score 40 but they went to the line 30 times to Portland’s 19. Not to mention not a single time for Portland in the first half. If you don’t think that has an effect on a person individually or a team for that matter I would disagree. If you aren’t going to get any calls when you drive why take the punishment of going inside when you can stay outside and shoot. I think it sets a mindset that Nate has to address and the refs should review.

I hate to say it but the refs need to call a game evenly. That isn’t to say that both teams should get equal amounts of fouls called against them or anything. What I mean is call it both ways. Stop the superstar calls, the make-up calls, the ticky-tack fouls. Plain and simple stop calling bullshit. This is the Play-Offs and for even a single game to be negatively affected by poor officiating is inexcusable.

Yes I understand that refs are human and will make human mistakes….however they can watch tape and review plays and do all the things that you can to make sure you get it right. Educating yourself on which players are floppers. God how I hate the flopping that goes on. Didn’t I hear they were going to try and corral that piece of theatre from professional basketball?

I would like to see good “D” rewarded by not allowing points but I also like to see proper fouls calls made when it comes down to it. I understand that often the aggressor gets the call but be consistent. Don’t the refs have an annual refs meeting where they discuss how to fix the game that is broke?

One last rant then I will part, my emotional drainage complete. Stop allowing people to fucking travel. I get sick of watching “superstars” get away with it at will. Take some control back of the game and call it both ways all the time. Get some consistency back. Not calling a violation of the rules based on someone’s tenure or status is ridiculous, irresponsible and decays the very nature of the game. By not called a violation is rewarding poor behavior, saying that it is acceptable.

Refs – please do the right thing. Pull your head out of your asses and make the correct calls, both ways consistently.

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