Memorial Day Camping 2011

So this past weekend we headed up to Mt. Hood to start off the camping season. Why up on a mountain that has seen record snowfall and has been notorious for alternately bashing us with unrelenting wind, various precipitations, ranging from rain to hail to snow, and I can’t forget the cold.

I guess the short answer is….it’s what we do when the camping season starts. We load up the vehicles and head out to parts known and set in for several days of playing games, eating food cooked on a camp stove or the open fire and I can’t forget the drinking.

Typically we stay until Monday (Memorial Day), but this time people were getting sick and our number dropped from around 14 down to half that on Sunday morning. It was at this time that my buddy Ruben and I decided to pack up as well.

It was fun but short.

More to come.

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