Tillamook – here we come!

So camping season has arrived…again, and for the second time this year I am heading out for a long weekend of camping. Our destination this time around – Tillamook Whalen Island near Pacific City and Tillamook. Home of the awesome yogurt and cheese I love so much.

This is actually a dual trip, we are camping but then on Saturday my wife and her band (shameless plug here) the Power Pep Band have a gig they are performing in Tillamook or in one the towns just outside.

Along with my wifes parent’s and 3 quarters of dog-nation in tow we are heading to the coast where we will eat drink and play with fire, for what else is there to do whilst camping. 😉 Oh we will play some games, go on hikes, walk on the beach and generally enjoy ourselves, cuz I we can’t but do so.

While we are there we will probably stop in a grab some local grub on Saturday as the band is playing off and on for a good portion of the day. I will do a write up about the food once I return.

More to come…

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