Time to “Weigh In”

I weighed myself yesterday and was 253.3, so down a little bit from 255 when I started keeping track. This is however up from 252 from about a week or two earlier. I actually haven’t been on my elliptical machine in weeks, maybe a month. I need to incorporate that into my everyday routine. Start out a little at a time so I don’t burn myself out and can progressively move forward.

My mother-in-law lent me her inversion table since I was holding onto my friend Paul’s for so long and it feels good to be back on it. I had been looking into buying one but my wife was talking with her mom and 2 + 2 = James gets an inversion table.

I have been keeping busy at home mowing and cleaning so all my leasure time has not been spent in front of my PC or the tube. This is a good things since the tube calls to me often since we purchased a 51″ not too long ago. I didn’t see that features listed.

  • One 51″ “bomb-ass” screen
  • One base for “bomb-ass” screen
  • Power cable for “bomb-ass” screen
  • One built in voice that whispers softly to you breaking all your mental self control so that you become a couch-potato, never to fit into the same smaller sized jeans again.

I just don’t remember reading that.

More to come…


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