The Broken Dragon Island Adventures draws to a close…

Our weekly Wednesday night game will shortly see another player take up the bright red, furry, dust-covered mantle of DM-hood ship. For those of you not familiar, DM stands for Dungeon Master, the very symbol popularized by the iconic roughly Yoda shaped figure that appeared in the animated Dungeons & Dragons series from the 80’s series. Always coming out of seemingly impossible nooks and crannies and disappearing just as quickly after giving a cryptic answer. But I digress.

The soon to be anointed DM, Paul has been playing in our group for maybe a year or so and has really picked up on the mechanics of the game remarkably well. He has now immersed himself in gathering all manner of paraphernalia for running his own game in the form of minis (hundreds of them – the plastic ones), mats and books. He is serious about this! I am looking forward to it.

So with the opening of a window I get to close the door on my campaign which I have been running for the past 8 months or so. I am sad to put it away but I think I can come back energized when it is time and run a good game for everyone.

You can view the blog dedicated to the The Broken Dragon Islands adventures through this link.

More to come…

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