Weekly Weigh In

I am at 252.3 which is actually less than I weighed before I went camping. Typically I eat so much crap when we go I was sure I was going to have added 3-5 pounds. I am very pleased in that regard, however I am not with my committment to getting more exercise. I must make it part of my routine.

Time lapse a week later. I weighed in at 253.3, slightly more than the last time but I have started to put together a fairly regular routine that isn’t so soul-crushing that I will stop BUT is a good starting point for me to launch a regular workout regime.

My routine is 5 minutes on the inversion table set at about 75-80 degrees. 15 minutes broken into 3-minutes warm-up, 9 minutes regular workout and followed by 3-minute cool down on our elliptical machine. I follow that up with some stretching and resistance workout for another 10 minutes or so.

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