Da da dadadada da da Da da dadadada da da (repeat) Tequilla!!!

My wife and I are going to a tequilla tasting/dinner tonight. Some period of time ago my wife saw on Groupon/Living Social/Portland Perks or one of the many internet coupon sites a good deal on a tequilla tasting. As she is a lover of good tequilla she snatched up the coupon and proceeded on her merry. She loved it and found out that the host also did tequilla tours to Mexico to the Agave plantation/farms and my wife started to think about our next vacation.

Just the other day my wife had an email sent to her from one of the elevnty-billion online coupon companies send an invite to another tequilla tasting/dinner. She asked if I wanted to go and after I relented, she confirmed our engagement for two.

It appears we get a taster of 5-7 different tequillas, 3 cocktails and dinner composed of crab, fish (sword I think) and something else to either choose from or have as one of the five courses we get.

As we both love tequilla we should have a blast, in fact I had to call a good friend of mine that lives in the neighborhood of where we are going to be, to see if we could stop by for a few if needed to wait out the buzz.

Always busy! But it’s a good busy. Life is fun.

More to come…

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