Harry Potter’s latest and last installment doesn’t disappoint

This past weekend my wife was up in Seattle for her nieces birthday which left me home alone! Not that I don’t love to see my in-laws, the fact is I REALLY do, however a house full of 3-6 yr. olds running around was not my idea of fun. You all know what I mean – don’t judge.

Having this freedom on my hands I could think of only a couple of things to do and see that final chapter of the Harry Potter saga come to the big screen was right up on the top. I have been especially excited to see it since last years “Deathly Hallows Part I” snoozer took place. I knew that the book had a slow beginning that set the mood of stark hopelessness and yet our trio of main character still fight on which is endearing in and of itself. But holy crap I was bored to tears in that movie.

Having a year of build up for a knockdown drag-out, winner takes all finish, really got me pumped. It did not disappoint either. From beginning to end it was non-stop action and all the pieces fell into place really well. I was very pleased.

I was joined by a couple of friends which to me made the experience a little nicer. Not so that we can share during the movie but so that after we can talk about it and ask/answer questions and share our experience and how the movie made us feel or what was running through our heads at the conclusion.

I was also very pleasantly surprised that NO ONE spoke or took out a cell-phone or did anything to distract from the movie that we all came to see. This has been a first in quite some time as more and more people feel that it is okay to treat a movie theatre like their fucking living room and not a venue we each had to pay to see. I will talk  rant about that phenomenon another time.

Afterwards we watched X-Men First Class. No we didn’t sneak in to the theatre like in the old days when doing so was considered cool. We paid like all the other responsible adults out there that understands that people have a right to make money on their efforts and that sneaking into a theatre is stealing. I know that it could be said that the prices that a theatre charges to get in plus the cost of anything leads to almost having to take out a second mortgage and that it should be okay to sneak to some how balance the equation. It doesn’t. Not that I am going to pontificate, I will merely say that I know why the theatres charge what they do and am willing to spend a few hard-earned sheckles to see a movie on a 60 ft. screen.

Back to X-Men First Class. This will likely be a round-about way of getting to the point but I will get there. Not growing up and reading comics other that Marvel Tales – Werewolf by Night and the Living Mummy. I had no concept of the X-Men for many years until I worked for a comic distributorship in the early nineties. I soon learned about the X-Men and about eleventy-billion other characters in the wonderful world of comics. But I still hadn’t read to much of the X-Men or knew of their origins.

For me the movies don’t necessarily make tons of sense without knowing how everyone is connected to everyone else, like a soap opera where everyone wears outlandish tights and has a really nifty ability. In that regard I make a good blank slate to see if these movies stand on their own or if you really need the comics to help out. I am happy to say that I followed the story without knowing who’s who and it made sense to me! I guess some would argue that it would be more enjoyable if I “only knew” the whole story of how this person was connected to that person and there was a falling out blah blah blah. I have to say…I don’t really care. I believe a movie should be able to stand on its own and should be based on its own merits. Some manage to do so, others don’t.

I enjoyed the film and was happy to say I didn’t think Kevin Bacon cheesed it up. I really like Kevin but his choice of films is sometimes somewhat sinister and not very likable. My personal opinion. He carried the role well and as he ages pulls off more of the seasoned roles better. He didn’t disappoint. I wont go into details so as to not spoil anything for anyone. Suffice it to say that I was pleased with the movie and look forward to the next. I am sure there will be one. Hollywood is nothing if predictable.

More to come…

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