How big did you say that fish was!?

Over the weekend myself and a couple friends decided to do a little fishing. We headed up to Trillium Lake on Mt. Hood just past Government Camp heading towards Bend.

All plans were in motion and started off beautifully. I woke up at 3:45am, put on my clothes, headed to the kitchen and flipped the on button for the coffee maker to start making some soon to be much-needed coffee. I had ground beans and poured water the night before. Jim arrived at 4am and we got to loading his two rafts into my Passat wagon, set the Underdog outside since I wasn’t exactly sure when we would be back  and headed over to pick up Greg and Ruben.

On the way we stopped at Mickie-D’s for some nourishment in the form of Sausage egg mc-something or another, some sausage biscuits and orange juice. I have to say the person at the window was terrible. She cut off my sentences before I finished ordering and submitted only a partial order that I had to correct at the window. After all that, she still got the order wrong. Literally a 15 minute wait in the drive through at the window. What a pain. I mean, can’t she see that me and my homies were going fishing at that we needed to be on the road yesterday? Whatever!

We head to Greg and Ruben’s places and pick them up without incident and head out. It’s a straight shot out 26/Powell Blvd. until you’re told to take a curve to the right that puts you in line with mt. Hood. We made good time and after one last pit stop at our traditional general store/bait-n-tackle/video store (VHS no less) for additional provisions we started our last leg. Another 20 minutes and we were pulling into the campground boat launch. We unloaded all our gear and Jim proceeded to fill the rafts via an air compressor that plugs into a cigarette lighter conveniently placed in the rear compartment of my wagon.

Before we hit the water we made bets on who would catch the first fish and later added the biggest fish. I thought we added most fish in there somewhere but no one remembers that one except for me.

We fished for about 3 minutes before Greg has the first fish on his line much to the chagrin of the rest of us. I personally felt like this was a good omen in that we had our collective first fish in a matter of a few minutes. I would eventually be proven somewhat not correct. Not that I was wrong but after 5 hours we had only 6 fish among us. Jim, Greg and I each had 2 and Ruben took home last place with nada.

After we decided we had enough beautiful day,weather, sky, impressive mountain view, awesome wildlife and fun we decided to make our way home. Again we stopped at our favorite general store/bait-n-tackle/video store. For some additional sustenance which if I had to recal was 3 jo-jo’s (they make them the best ever – I swear), 2 chicken strips, 1 hot mama (the red sausages that are soaked in a brine-vinegar delightful solution), 1 hotwing and 1 bbq beef burrito and a Pepsi. Ee-gads I ate a bunch of crap. But boy was it tasty crap!?

Greg and I gave our fish to Jim so he could have a respectable meal of trout. They aren’t that big after all. Oh, we decided Greg and Jim tied for largest fish. If you were keeping score it is Greg is owed a beer from the rest of us for getting the first fish (which he did last time too), Jim and Greg tied for largest fish so I am not sure how we figure who gets the beer or not. Maybe a pitcher to share between them both. Ruben and I each end up taking it in the shorts for not making either of those two categories.

Ruben was so despondent afterwards. I told him it’s called fishin’ not catchin’. That didn’t help him at all. Go figure.

On a side note – I did use my grandfathers actual non replica original Popeil Pocket Fisherman. I want to add that my first catch of the day was landed while using it. Boo-ya!

More to come…

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