Ghost Story – Jim Butcher

– Discussing details about the late Harry Dresden book

After a year-long (and then some) wait the long awaited book has arrived into my eagerly anticipating hands. I made pretty quick work of it, finishing it in just about 10 days.

I will point out that I am really @&R%#^%O(**?^ bothered by cliff-hangers at the end of books. This is not a medium that you have to wait until the following week or season but typically the next YEAR to find out what happens, almost like it is a 2 part book. For me this is frustrating beyond measure. It seems gimmicky, something a sales-person or advertiser would do to rake in a few more sheckles.

I was a little disappointed at the first 2/3 of the book with it being so slow. But give kudos for the very unusual perspective and was happy when things started to heat up when Harry starting figuring shit out. The last 1/3 of the book was fantastic and exciting and has me wanting this next year to go by so I can get into the next book.

Let it be said that Jim Butcher is my favorite contemporary author. I find his writing style appealing, up-to-date and at times very amusing. Jim is very good about name-dropping or in this case superhero name/power dropping that enables him to find common ground with his readers. I also believe a found reference to a character from a Piers Anthony novel – Crombie. That was AWESOME!!!

Love your work Jim.  I think I need to start reading your fantasy series so I can at least get some more of your great writing while I wait for your latest Dresden novel comes out.

More to come…

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