FUCK YOU Paul!!!

More than a month ago I wrote that I would soon be stopping my DM run for my home-made Broken Dragon Mountain Islands D&D campaign I had been running for the past 6-8 months. Paul, the newest member of our happy family of gamers, wanted to run his own game so I set mine aside and prepped for his home-made-game that takes place in The Kingdom of Teralan‏.

Paul is an engineer by profession and one of the most thorough and meticulous people I have ever met. Not sure if that’s because he is an engineer or if he became an engineer in part due to his being so meticulous and thorough. Whatever, I digress. Paul has spent the last several months prepping for his game, which he has assured us will be AWESOME! I am excited for several reasons, not the least of which the rest of us DM’s get to all play a game as players together.

The big night arrives and we are set to play and Paul narrates the framework for our game. Our attention is fully focused on his every word, waiting for when we hear the words we have been waiting for since a month previous when we started getting background material for Paul’s game…”In the distance you hear a man yelling, “they’re at the gates,” and then there is a scream……….” At this point Paul smiles and says “That’s Initiate.”

Ruben is playing a human monk and has the initiative, giving him the opportunity to act first. His actions were to run up to the city gates that have now been smashed in and repel any nasty critters that come through its broken remains. He was not disappointed in that there were indeed miniony looking shock troops aplenty to focus on before the more meatier villains made their way in. His plan was working perfectly as he was decimating the nearest minions before it was their turn.

As it turns out there were a couple of spell casters in the bunch of attackers that were holding back until they could safely enter the melee. Their turn arrives and they enter and find one very eager monk doing his very best to hold the gate himself, having gone first in the round and having no other allies around him, and decided he was the perfect object for their immobilize spell. Their spell hits and takes hold to much grumbling and swearing under breath by Ruben. *It must be noted there is a point of contention at this point as to when what happens next happens now or in round two when the spell casters immobilize Ruben again. Paul and I remember it as he rolling his first ever die as a DM and this is what he receives from Ruben – FUCK YOU Paul! Not just some pissed under-your-breath “fuck you Paul, but as loud as I have ever heard Ruben yell, FUCK YOU Paul! We were all in shock for a moment, I think even Ruben was. The funny thing is, Ruben was hit by immobilize again for round two which is when Ruben and Craig think Ruben said FUCK YOU Paul!

Nothing like making a brand new never to have run a game, green as a toad, rookie feel welcome than a warm “FUCK YOU Paul!”  😉 It has become a catch phrase we all say now when someone does something that pisses you off. You can to, give it a try…on three, one, two, three, FUCK YOU Paul!

More to come…

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