The Iron Druid Chronicles – Kevin Hearne

I have started reading a new series by author Kevin Hearne called The Iron Druid Chronicles, check out Kevin’s website. I was recommended this book by of all things, Amazon. You know, you order books from Amazon and then based on the mountains of data they keep of your spending habits, recommend things in the same vein.

In this particular case I actually read the notes and part of the first chapter and was immediately grabbed by the writing style of author and the wit of the character. It reminded me a bit of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series in a way that compels you root for the main character as opposed to just observing, like you actually give a shit what the happens to the character.

I have had the book nearly a week and have only made a dent in it due to other obligations on my time. Usually I read for some period of time before I turn out the light to sleep at night but as of late have found myself exhausted and have not read much if anything before turning in.

I will give my overview when done reading it. One thing I can make an observation on now though is that in some small way I think the book reads slower because of all the Celtic Irish names you try to pronounce when reading. Kevin actually puts an Irish pronunciation guide into his book which is awesome but also a royal pain in the arse because now you want to say everything correctly, even if it is only in your head.

More to come…

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