Out with the old and in with the new…

So I started this blog entry earlier today to talk about selling all my old gaming modules from the 80’s & 90’s and went on a diatribe about my feeling and stuff about all the nostalgia it brought back for me and what being a gamer really means. After reading it I shelved it and decided to get the point of this entry and touch base another time with the other topic.

After a paragraph I finally get to the meat and potatoes of this entry. The short of it is that I am selling all my gaming modules on eBay tomorrow night. In part it is because I have been carrying these around for 20+ and some even closer to 20++ (30) years and most I have never played and all they do is take up space. it is like a chain tied o your ankle. For six moves and countless packing and unpacking I am finally ridding myself of them.

These days my focus is more on creating new and not reliving the old. Create new memories and not relying on the old ones. I also get the added bonus of making a few dollars with any luck to put forward to another of my old habits, MTG or Magic the Gathering. I get to keep my memories that all of the old modules brought me but get to make new ones in a hobby that I put a little more of my energy into creating.

It is sad to see them go but it isn’t a heart aches kinda sad, a saying goodbye to an old friend sadness. Besides new friends are soon on the way.

I am such a ridiculous person to write about such ridiculous things.

More to come…


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