It’s like pulling off a bandage – do it quickly and with a swig of whiskey

Last night I actually started posting all most old D&D modules up for sale at eBay. I chose eBay because I knew there was some potential monies coming my way if I allowed everyone on the interwebs to view my shiny collection of golden oldies.

For anyone that has ever sold on eBay you will understand what a colossal endeavor in can be to prep for the actual posting phenomena. I initially wrote down each module because I thought about posting to Craig’s List but find that people are generally cheap and selling all my mods together would yield less sheckles coming my way. I then took pictures of every cover (like 85) and then downloaded them to my PC. Once I had that done I grouped them into individual listings by letter and # designation i.e. X1-X5, gave a brief description of condition and upload pictures to go with entries and posted.

I made it through 16 entries for all the really big (or so I thought) items before I had to call it quits. The big items were G1-2-3 (x2), D1-2-3, Q1, A1-A4, B1-B5, S1-S4, T1 and I6. Tonight I will place as much of the rest on so I can just be done with it. I have a couple of really unique good condition accessory items that I think someone will really enjoy.

Once I committed to doing it, the selling of my modules, I was really okay with it. Like when I sold off all my old D&D books, once I committed to the “sell” it was less painful than I thought it would be. I am actually looking forward to seeing which module(s) sells for the most, which gets the most hits and which is “watched” the most – gotta love bidding wars!

More to come…


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