Kevin Hearne – Hexed – The Iron Druid Chronicles Book II

I went to the public library a couple of days ago in the hopes that I could find the next book in the Iron Druid Chronicles by  Kevin Hearne. Sadly they did not have it on hand but it was in the system and could be retrieved for my convenience. Happily it turns out that Kevin had been very busy with his writings before he got published and actually has three books in his series out at the same time. Yeah!

I am happy to be reading regularly just for fun. Lately I have been mixing it up quite a bit and reading inspirational or self-help stylized material. Some of it can be a little heavy so it is nice to take a break from that and simply read for the fun of reading.

So far I like the story but I would like to get a little more out of the action sequences. I think Kevin could use a little more understanding of the physical side of self-defense and apply it to his writing. There are plenty of venues that this experience could be wrought and applied to the story. Just one person’s persnickity-ness. I am sure that is not even a word but it is now.

Once I have finished with it I will give an overview and write some spoilers. Before that happens though I recommend everyone should go out and read it.

More to come…

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