Seattle, Bothell and Bed

Friday after work Tommy, my wife Jessica and me went up North to do some visiting. For the last couple of months Tommy, my friend Tom’s wife Kathy and I have been planning a surprise get together for Tom. With everyone’s busy schedules it was no easy task, or soon in arriving. For the last two months we have planned this outing and finally have to compromise on a partial weekend, starting on Friday and leaving Friday evening.

My wife and our dog (Undie) also came with so we could visit with her sister and brother-in-law Becky & Carey) who just had their second baby about a month ago. I cannot leave out visiting with their oldest daughter Vivian, that would just not do.

After dropping off Jess and the Underdog off in Seattle, Tommy and I headed to Bothell to make good on our surprise. We arrived at 8:30-ish to Tom’s complete and utter surprise. Boo-ya! He didn’t open the door at first and only peaked through the glass to see who we were before telling us to Fuck off and solicitors were not welcome before realizing that it was his friends who must have gotten turned around in Albuquerque, should have taken a right, like Bugs. At the door Kathy and Brenna greeted us and I acknowledged both only to find out that Brenna was not in attendance, it was actually Sarah. Little Sarah grew up on us all. She is tallest second only to Tom who stands at 6’3″ and she dyed her hair red so I though she was Brenna. DOH!

Brenna did show up later after work. I was amazed, she and all the kids have grown up so much. She is 17 and a senior and is looking to life after school.

We stayed up until about 2 drinking shot after shot while paying games. We drank scotch, tequilla, brandy and maybe schnapps. We talked about everything we could and oddly I started drawing lines about where each of us stood in terms of politics, unions, flat tax etc…

2am rolled around and we all went to bed, graciously offered by Tom’s wife Kathy. The following morning we were treated to home-made pancakes, sausages and coffee by Kathy. We then got into some serious game playing that included Wits & Wagers, India Rails and cribbage.

We left around 5pm to get back in time to have dinner in Seattle with Jessica, Becky Carrie, Vivian and Vincent. After dinner we scooted out to head back home in time to go to bed on our old bed for the last time.

Tommy had plans on Sunday and Jessica had a band gig to do and we could have our bed delivered before Wednesday so our short trip up North worked out for everyone. We got a memory foam adjustable bed. I have to admit that after the first night I think it may take a little getting used to it. It is awesome however!

Crazy weekend. A little exhausting but definitely worth it.

More to come…

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