Bowling Starts Anew

Last night started off my bowling season. I took the last two years off and now and trying to get back into the swing of things. I practiced a few times over the summer and thought things would be as easy as they were then last night but sadly they were not.

I purchased a new ball a couple of years a go, dropping from 16lbs. to 14lbs. I did this for a couple of reasons. I love bowling and wanted to keep doing it well into the golden years so I thought dropping a couple of pounds on the ball now would allow me to lengthen my time allowed for bowling in terms of years. I also thought I might be able to get a little more turn on the ball and actually improve my average a little. Maybe get another 300 or the elusive 800 series.

I bowl with my friends Tommy, his brother Tod, Ruben and a band mate of my wife’s Bill. This is a new team roster for us since all of our other friends have either planned other events that fall on the same night or they are in school or whatever. It doesn’t matter. We are all here and having a great time.

I think I end up between 180-190 for a starting average. I guess it is to be expected that I not start-up where I left off 2 years ago. This leaves lots of room to grow.

More to come…

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