Voice Over is tougher than it…sounds!?

As some of you may know and other not, I have been glacially moving towards another interest I have had for several years now, voice-over acting. It is hard to pinpoint when or what exactly triggered this notion that I could be a voice-over actor but it has taken root. So much so that earlier this year my wife and I agreed that I would sign up with Edge Studio so that I could start my training in earnest.

Thus far I have taken several basic classes, had a couple of personal one-on-one sessions with real industry-working voice-over talents, and purchased a microphone. Now I need to practice, practice , practice. Not that it is so simple. There is a lot more to it than I originally imagined. I thought that if I could read a script aloud and convincingly I would be able to get work. WRONG!!! I now know that that is not true. In order to book work there is so much more to learn. First off it is actually hard to read copy off a script and sound convincing.

I actually thought, at first, that it would be cake because this is something I really wanted and so by merit alone I would be good at it and get booked. WRONG…again! I am learning some very useful information about how to analyze copy (that’s what we call a script or whatever you are reading – it is interchangeable with script but I will try to be consistent with using industry jargon from now on) and even break it into segments if needs be so that each piece can have its own recording. Afterall, we are able to edit and splice things together when we are all done.

Edge Studio has been a wonderful experience so far. I have learned a great deal and now really need to knuckle-under so I can really make a go of it. I will be posting my first weekly contest entry here so you can see that all I have to look forward to is moving upwards. After listening back to my read I was not happy but I wanted to get some feedback so I posted my submission anyway.

If you are a reader and have any words of advice or encouragement please don’t hesitate to drop me a note.


More to come…

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