Employee of the Month September 2011

Yesterday on my way home yesterday from work I get a call from my colleague, Karynn, congratulating me. I asked about what and she explains that I had won employee of the month of September. At first I felt a little guilty because I actually submitted my own name and the reasons why I feel I should be nominated. I felt guilt because I feel like because I kvetched a little to my supervisor about this very topic on Monday and on Tuesday I find out I had won.

Upon scrutiny over the certificate that they give us commemorating this, it lists all or some of the things people said that nominated me. Sadly, to my surprise there were at least three other people who nominated me and had some nice things to say about me and the work I do. I say sadly because sometimes I do suffer from low self-esteem and don’t feel worthy of praise. It is an issue I struggle with from time to time and AM working on.

To that point my wife has been very supportive and allows me to be ridiculous from time to time so that I can indulge in my craziness…but only for brief periods of time. Then it’s like feeling sorry for yourself isn’t doing you any good, so buck-up mister and move forward, pussy! Not that she actually says those words but I am taking some artistic license to phrase it in a way that I relate to and think is funny.

So what do I get with my EOTM award you may ask? I get a $25 Regal Gift Card, a $25 AMEX Gift Card and get either 1/2 day off work paid or a full day off paid. Basically this is for the employee to have a day to simply relax a little on the companies dime. All in all not too bad.

I deserve this and look forward to enjoying it to the fullest extent.

More to come…

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