Bowling Update!

The other day I mentioned that I started my bowling league on Monday night. If you are interested in catching the weekly update you can do so here: James’ League.

I started with a 193 average. I can accept this. I think I ended my last league, two years ago, with a 209, so I think 193 is a very comfortable place for me to start. I didn’t speak with any of the other guys except for Bill, the NEW guy on the team, about how they figured they would start. Bill thought he was starting around 182 and actually started at 185. I think that is a good place to start and I feel that he is going to be a good addition to the team on several levels. He is a really decent guy, tells jokes and doesn’t take it ALL too seriously.

I think the greatest take-away for me is that I get to see some friends that I don’t see often enough. This gives us a chance to get caught up with one another and actually be apart of each others lives. When you don’t see someone for long periods of time it is kind of hard to relate or have the strong emotional ties that you might otherwise have if you got to see that person more often. I hope that makes sense.

The big take-away for me about all of this is that I get to eat chicken strips with Franks Red Hot Sauce every mother-f*cking week! Okay so that isn’t necessarily true. I am glad to see some friends that I have become some-what disconnected with over the last couple years and have an opportunity to strengthen our friendship.

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