42 times around the sun

Yesterday was my birthday. It also is a Monday and the night that I bowl on. With that in mind my wife decided to surprise me at the bowling alley with a 5 gallon bucket filled to capacity with VooDoo doughnuts. Awesome!

To be honest, my wife bought speficially a bacon covered maple bar for me and the bucket was for everyone else. This being my first bacon covered maple bar I savored it and was not disappointed. Up until now I would not have agreed with the statement “bacon makes everything better” but I am one step closer to doing so after my experience last night.

It was left up to me to walk up and down the lanes asking if anyone wanted one of the 5 dozen or so doughnuts that were piled high into my bucket o’ nuts. When all was said and done I had about a dozen left that I took to work with me and passed them off as Ugly Doughnuts. Seems day-old ugly doughnuts were fine with my co-workers as they have been decended upon readily.

More to come…

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