Portland: The Game – The Scavenger Hunt Tour

My wife and I are often trying to do things that either are free or can be done for next to nothing. In recent months/years there has been a spate of Groupon like companies that allow you to purchase just about anything at a steeply discounted price, often around 50%-80% off. It was with one of these companies that my wife purchased a Scavenger Hunt for the two of us to play that was to get us out and experience Portland. Saturday we headed downtown to play.

The idea is that we sign up for this activity, get an email telling us where to go when we want to start based on what zone of Portland we want to play in; The choices we had were Old Town Chinatown and The Pearl. Once there we send a text to a specific address with a “Start” command word and the game began.

The idea is that you would be told where to go and what clue to look for; some like this, walk up 3rd Ave to Stark St and go into Cameron’s Books. “Who do they really want for Senate.” So my wife and I go inside and sure enough there is a poster of Wayne Morse. We text back Morse and with our correct answer we get 10 points and a new clue.

It goes on and on like this for quite a while leading you all over the zone we chose to play in. Some times we had bonus (photo) rounds where we had to go into a specific store, try on some clothing, take a picture of ourselves wearing said apparel and email that in. We were awarded some points and given our next clue. If we ever needed to skip a part because we couldn’t figure it out or in our case we started playing before some places were open we send in skip and were given the answer and the next piece to solve.

We did about a dozen or so but the walking and the so-so directions/instructions left us a little tired so we called it quits and headed to lunch. Jessica planned well for us as she had another Groupon for burritos at a place neither of us had been too. A short Max ride followed by a street car ride dropped us off at our destination and a well deserved meal of burritos and Coronas.

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2 Responses to Portland: The Game – The Scavenger Hunt Tour

  1. Paul says:

    That rocks!


    • The idea was compelling and it did introduce to us a little bit of the businesses and history of Portland but down the stretch it was plagued with janky mechanics, not great instructions or directions and became tiresome. We did do about a dozen clues before we gave up for the day.


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