Kevin Hearne – Hammered – The Iron Druid Chronicles

Review – SPOILER! – You’ve been warned…

Hammered – The latest book from new author Kevin Hearne in The Iron Druid Chronicles is a little disappointing to me. Not that I didn’t enjoy it but the first two books were a setup to this one and I feel like I was let down. Let me talk about the things that really didn’t work for me then I will talk about the things I liked.

For the first two books Atticus has built up this meeting between Thor and the Thor haters. This is fine however I feel like this book should have come later in the series after Atticus had resolved some of his other issues at home like rejuvenating the earth, actually more in-depth training of Granuaile and dealing with his aged goodly whiskey drinking widow neighbor Mrs. MacDonagh down the road.

I also felt like the Hammers of God – Kabbalistic Sorcerers were just thrown into the mix and really didn’t serve a purpose but to create a vehicle for Jesus to swing a little bit of his major – league mojo around.

The death of Gunnar. Seemed anticlimactic and a weak end for a character that I felt could have developed into a great cornerstone to draw on in future books.

Also the introduction of certain Gods were seemingly random like Zhang Guo Lao.

Lastly, the seeming ease with which Atticus is able to dispatch various powerful beings including Gods but routinely gets his butt kicked by others like the Hammer of God or the Bacchants.

Having said all that it may seem like I didn’t like the book but let me tell you of some of the things I did like about this book.

Granuaile’s education about elementals.

Ratatosk, Bad-ass-beer-drinking-Jesus, All the cast from the Norse pantheon. The stories why each person had an axe to grind upside the back of Thor’s skull.

Perun was a fun character, very likeable and integral to the storyline once things got underway.

I thought that the setup for this book was covered over the last two books and thus never really took on a life of its own. I was sad to see several characters die, like an actors character getting cut from a series before its full potential could have been realized.

I like the fact that Kevin really knows his stuff when it comes to describing certain things like elementals (metals), relationships within the pantheon and movie quotes.

Lastly and probably the most alarming is that it is like the story has abruptly ended and is now going to have to reboot. Maybe that is Kevin’s intent here, to create a whole new environment for the story to take place in. Whether that is the case or not, I will be looking forward to his next installment eagerly to see where this new world will go next.

More to come…

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