Weekend Update

What  busy weekend I had. Let me recap for you:

Friday – in to work at 7:30 – out at 11:30am (I got a half day off for my employee of the month so took it Friday). After work I went to the movies, again with the goodies garnered from my previously mentioned honor ($25 movie card + $25 AMEX gift card). I texted my brother and asked if he wanted to see Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman with me at 12:50. He did so we met at the theatre and saw the movie, I will discuss that later. After the movie I headed home around three to get ready for Friday night cards that I had been really looking forward to playing with the guys. I refer to Magic the Gathering (MTG). 

Paul, Linus, Jim and I gathered at Ruben’s place. We played until around midnight and talked until about 1am. I will recap the night of cards in my next entry.

Saturday my wife and I headed to Costco to pick up some rain-filter gutter stuff. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea in the preceding weeks and we were unable to purchase any. We finished our less that productive shopping trip with a Costco classic $1.50 hotdog/soda combo lunch before heading home.

Once home Jess suggested we bike to the nearest Max stop to see how long it would take us so we could plan appropriately so we could start biking to Max and heading into work as opposed to driving into work. It took us about 30 minutes for the 4.5-5 miles it was away from our house. We looked at the lockers we would rent to place our bikes in while we hopped on the Max while we were there and then headed home.

Once home we got ready for an impromptu belated birthday dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant – The Takahashi. I called several friends earlier in the day to see who was available and our company  for our evening meal included Paul, Craig, Greg and Linus. We had a great time while we ate sushi/sushimi/ yaki-soba and drank sake.

Sunday was one of Jess’ favorite band gigs – The Portland Marathon – which she was unable to attend due to the onset of some alien crud inhabiting her sinuses and tickling her throat. I volunteered the use of my gazebo and to help set up because Paul’s brother and sister-in-law were expected to have a baby the following day (today) and were not going to be much help. As it turned out they were doing things pretty much as normal so my services were largely unneeded except to help myself to the waffle-feed that goes along with this event.

I finished eating and left shortly after the first runner came by and the band started to play. I fixed my wife some green tea from Hawai’i and did some dishes while she slept or rested as I believe she couldn’t really sleep.

Once she was fully awake we decided to start working on cleaning the garage out of several boxes of stuff we had in there. Friday we are planning on having our garage door/electronic opening system replaced and need to make things ready by clearing out things that have accumulated of the last 1-2 years.

We wrapped things up around six, ate dinner, and settled in to watch a little more of season two of Arrested Developement.

I feel wiped out but I think part of that is because my body is trying hard to fight off whatever is going around. I am achy, my head, joints and back hurt and I feel lethargic. Good times.

More to come…

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