Bowling Blues turn to Gold

Last night was our third week of bowling. After our first two weeks we were in first and looks like we will likely retain our spot after last night’s performance.

Both of the first two weeks I kind of tanked the 9th and or 10th frames reducing my potential score by 15-20 pins. This week I was set on insuring that did not happen again. I was focused and pulled through and had only 4 opens for the night and none during the 9th or 10th frames. That made me feel really good.

You know what else made me feel really good, the shot of tequilla one of the league bowlers that I bowled on the same team with 20+ years ago but are now on different teams bought me. I hadn’t eaten anything for hours beforehand and felt the effects fast. Fortunately the effects did not last long and I was able to maintain.

I rolled 224, 223 and 195 for my first 600 of the year at 642. As a team we took 27 out of 35 points but it was an especially good night for me as I won all three of my individual points and took all three poker hands. Suckas!

Tommy was out for the night doing fun things with his wife for his anniversary and had Terri, his sister, filling in for him. Terri represented very well. Sadly Ruben had a malfunctioning right arm and after barely finishing the second game hardly looked lucid. We told him to skip the last game and stay put until he looked like he wouldn’t pass out the moment he left the alley.

Ruben looked better by near the end of the third game and left. I hope that his arm and hand get better as we really need him. Sometimes I think he thinks we don’t but we really do. We are all a part of the team and each one of us are important and not just for the sake of bowling well or even just bowling. It is important that Ruben knows his presence is appreciated because he is my friend and I enjoy his company.

Our time at the alley allows he and I to talk about our various Dungeons & Dragons ongoing campaigns – there are three, gaming conventions, MTG and whatever else appeals to us.

Tod has struggled a little but that is only natural after being off last year. He looks good and is excited to increase his average to where he feels it should be. Each week he appears stronger and stronger and I am sure it wont be long before he is back to his old form.

Bill is the newest member of our team and is a great addition. He is a very solid bowler and I can see big games ahead for him.

If you are interested in checking any stats for our team you can do so here – Independent Merchants.

More to come…

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