Early to bed and early to rise…

make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. So said Benjamin Franklin. For my part, I have to say that I have been rising early for a long time now and feel neither healthier, wealthier or wiser. I am sure there was some old 18th century wisdom to be found within those words but so far the only thing I feel is tired.

Sadly it is true. This week I had early days, like to be in at work at 5am & 4:30am respectively and quite frankly, it is kicking my ass. Last night I even went to bed at 8:30pm because I had to be up at 3:30am and just have not got going at all today.

To counter this malaise I have enlisted the help of a good friend of mine, caffeine. I usually am a one-cup per day kinda guy but today I think I will make an exception. Round two coming up.

It is at moments like this, attention waning, mind wondering, that I find myself thinking it would be okay for me to write about something like being tired and drinking coffee and someone might find common ground with that. Seriously!? I am sure we can all relate, all night parties, for my group of friends – camping, cram sessions for mid-terms & finals. It doesn’t really matter what reason you have for not getting enough sleep, all I know is that when I didn’t get enough of it I drag ass all day long.

So here’s a friendly service announcement; get plenty of rest and don’t drag ass. Just had a thought – maybe that is why I see kids with their pants halfway down their ass-crack – they are dragging ass. That’s totally got to be it right, not enough sleep? So the next time you see a kid with his pants halfway down his ass and you are concerned about his welfare, just ask him if he had enough sleep last night and maybe offer him some coffee. He would appreciate it I am sure.

More to come…

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