Monday Night Bowling Update

Last night’s bowling went very well. For me anyways. I am actually realizing just now that I don’t ever really talk about how the other guys on my team feel like they did when we finish. I think that they don’t want to talk about it because I am doing so and talking with others on other teams that did well and making it about high games and high series blah blah blah, but the fact is I do want to know and will be better about asking how they feel they did.

As it is when a person starts anything but we will use bowling as our measuring stick people need some basis for comparison, just to see how they measure up. Whether a person is competitive or not they all seem to do it. As an example, on my team I sit with the highest average at somewhere around 207 after last night, I will get to scores in a bit, and I hear someone say I didn’t do very well, I did this or that. Even if the score was just below, at average or even higher than average they seemed to shrug it off as not very good. The fact is, everyone’s measuring stick is and should ALWAYS be measured against their own ideals of where they feel they should be at and not someones elses.

My own average at 207 may be 50-80 pins higher than another persons on the team. That person should not be measuring against my average but their own and how they feel they did converting spares, adjusting to the lane condition as the night wore on, body mechanics etc.

Not to sound like a narcissist although I did start a blog that is really all about me and my life, that is besides the point. The point I am trying to make is that when I bowl, even if I don’t do well I try to imagine in my mind what went well and what didn’t. Everything night, even a bad one, can and should be a learning experience. For me two weeks ago I picked back up on a technique that I forget sometimes, which is to keep my shoulders above my feet when I release. This allows me to come out of the ball cleaner, I am not overbalanced, my follow-through is smoother and my release is cleaner. I also get a lot more revs on the ball and get more reaction on the backend when the ball comes out of the oil.

Last night I started a little slow with a 195 but that was the first game and I was still uncertain of how to read the lanes as practice yielded little insight. It turned out that I stayed lined up with my feet lined up on 15 & 20 counting from right to left and basically threw the ball straight, having the ball break on the back-end into the strike zone. This was so-so for me as it didn’t allow for much play in where I could throw; if I threw to far to the right I either gutter (never happened last night) or it stayed outside and never came back in to give me a wonderful washout. That happened several times. Ultimately I was working on picking up more spares that anything and my score reflected this.

The second game was a little better at 213. I was able to move to the left about 5 boards, which is a fair amount, to give me a more of an out-and-in curve to the ball trajectory. This allowed for better pic reaction and a few less washouts and a few more strikes. The net gain was not huge at the moment other than the feeling of comfort I had in knowing I was not right up against the right-hand gutter and I was able to swing the ball a little more freely.

The last game things really started to come together since I was able to move another five boards to the left and really swing the ball. here’s the thing; I never really threw the ball harder or quicker down the lane, I was just able to release it properly and convert arm-swing into ball rotation without sacrificing hitting power or accuracy – accuracy is the biggest key in bowling. The first seven shots were strikes and were good with the exception of the 5th frame where the 8-pin stood there mocking me until my casual messenger brushed it ever so slightly but with enough force to knock it over. I had already given up on the shot and turned around to grab my ball for shot-2. The 8th, 9th and 10th frames were spares as my concentration lapsed and I tugged the ball or threw outside. The last ball in the 10th I was dedicated to making good and followed all my rules for the nights bowling – breath deep, exhale, fingers positioned good and firm, hand relaxed, walk to approach, eyes on the arrows, arm swing controlled, slide & release, finish with shoulders above feet and finally trust the ball. Watch the ball CRUSH the pins. I finished strong with a 252.

this was a good trend in that I was able to increase my game each over the previous which I had done the opposite the three previous weeks. I am looking forward to next week to have another screaming good week.

Lastly I took 2 out of 3 points individually and all three poker hands. These guys are almost making me feel bad for taking all their money…NOT! It called gambling, not winning for a reason.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s bowling update.

More to come…

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