Weekend Update

Greetings Readers,

What a wonderful weekend. Thought we were going to have rain and it just never happened. To that end Jess and I took advantage of the dry and reasonably warm weather to take her car our for a spin with the top down around Sauvies Island on Saturday. This is a trip we generally take several times during the summer but just felt the need to get one more trip with the top down.

This is also a great time for us to sit and talk about anything on our minds. Some of what we talked about this time out was regarding our holiday to Hawai’i in November this year. Jess was wanting to pin down a few details of what we should or could do and was bouncing ideas off me so we could start to lock things in. I thought this was a great idea although I will admit to not always wanting to “plan” a vacation because I thought it had to be spontaneous to be fun. The thing is, when you are there spontaneity goes out the window and you have to rush to book dates and times and there is much chaos in our universe.

It has taken me sometime to get on board with the idea of planning but have accepted this and feel really good about getting some of the things we really want to do set in stone and maybe even booked so we know that we are all set and can relax when we get to the islands. We will still have to decide for some of the “on the spur of the moment” things what we want to do but the big plans will already be taken care of and more care-free attitudes will be in attendance.

I digress. Back to our regularly scheduled program. Jess drove and I had shotgun while our dog “Undie” was co-pilot in the back seat. Undie loves to go anywhere in the car but especially long car rides. This way he is with his humans and getting to see and small all sorts of crazy new stuff far away from his/our home.

When you go across the bridge to Sauvie Island you have the choice of either going straight or turning left, typically we go straight but we opted for plan B and turned left knowing that we would ultimately end up going past the clothing optional beach and end up on another beach past that for people wanting a relaxing stretch of beach to either picnic on or fish from.

I must also mention that we saw TONS of what we called whooly-bear caterpillars crossing the roads. The kinds that are black and orange alternately colored with long hair. We did stop briefly and Jess picked one up and let it crawl all over her hand. Very Nice!

If you only go out to Sauvies Island for the pumpkin patches or corn mazes, treat yourself and your family and just drive. You don’t need a destination in mind. Just drive. You can’t get lost, it is a tiny island and pretty much all roads ultimately lead back to the bridge that places you back on Hwy 30.

After what was like a couple of hours of beautiful scenery we took the bridge across to Hwy 30 and went further west to St. Helen’s for some grubbage. I have mentioned before that my wife has purchased Groupon like coupons for eating establishments, it turns out she had one for a Hawai’ian restaurant in St. Helen’s called Hawai’ian Island Cafe & Catering Company. We ordered our meals and were impressed with the place. It tasted authentic but with less salt like you would find in many of the places we ate at in Hawai’i. I highly recommend it.

I love St. Helen’s, it is a tiny community and really does it up right for Halloween. MANY of the shops decorate their store fronts and place life size “monsters” made from straw stuffed jeans and shirts. These they would tie and prop up on telephone poles or small sign posts in front of their businesses. Even the business owners dressed up.

We finally made our way back home, stuffed-ready for naps, and settled in to watch a little television before tuning in.

Sunday we had some chores and shopping to do. After breakfast we sifted through some things we have been storing in bins in the garage and made a Goodwill trip possible with the things we decided to let go of coupled with several other things we had been keeping in the garage for just such an occasion. It does feel cathartic to get rid of things that you know you will just never use again. Owning your things and not the other way around feels good.

After Goodwill I had a few minutes before we headed out shopping so I brought out the leaf blower/sucker and took advantage of the dry weather to suck up as many leaves from the front yard as possible.

Once I was done we loaded the dog back in the car and headed to Costco, Target and ultimately Trader Joe’s before finishing up out “to-do” list.

Several hours later we were back home and Jess started in on some home-made macaroni n’ cheese. If you have never had home-made mac n’ cheese you need to run right out, but the ingredients and make some pronto. You will feel so much better! What a wonderful comfort food to have handy.

I have it pretty good, my wife is such a wonderful cook and loves to cook crazy and interesting meals all the time. Rarely does she use a cookbook and only loosely uses recipes and guides. This means things generally never taste the same twice but makes the experience all the more exciting, to me in any case.

We wrapped up the evening with a couple shows off of Hulu+ before making a day of it and turning in. It was a busy weekend. Got a little fun and a little work in. I feel good about what we accomplished this weekend.

Back to the grind.

More to come.

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2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Paul says:

    Very nice, beats continuing Spooktacular prep while nursing a tooth infection.


    • It was a pretty awesome weekend. Actually was productive as well as fun. The drive at Sauvies is always nice. I am sorry to hear about your tooth. Are you doing something about that soon/already done? That would suck to go to china and have to deal with that. Feel better and see you this Friday. Boo-ya! Get it? 🙂 I am such a nerd.


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