Monday Night Bowling – Week 5

Rough night for me but the team did very well. Roughly I shot 167, 193, 237. I lost the first two games and won the last. As a team we won the first, third and overall team points for a total of 26 out of 35 possible points. Maybe we can put a little distance between us and the second place team. Our lead had shrunk to just 11 points before last night and with only 2 weeks to go before the end of the quarter we want all the cushion we can get.

Let me break down how the point system works; we bowl three games, each game is worth a total of ten points, five coming from individual head-to-head play and five for the team score. We do that for three games which means you could potentially get thirty points for them but wait, there’s more…at the end of the night we tally overall team totals for all three games matched up against the other teams total. This gives another five with the highest total for a total of thirty five total points available per night.

Us taking twenty six out of thirty five is pretty good. It should be enough to keep us in first place. The reason it is important for us to take first is because not only do you get money based on total points taken but you get a chance to play for 1st place overall. This does mean more $$$ but it is also a years worth of bragging rights. I have been bowling in this league for more than ten years and have never taken first. It would be nice to do so sometime.

I also realized I was being stubborn about bowling with the new ball I have instead of the old ball. The difference between the two is the new one is 14 lbs. and tends to hook more whereas the old ball is 16 lbs. and hooks less but hits like a ton of bricks. Last night my body mechanics were all over the place and instead of just switching bowling balls I kept using the new one and did not bowl well as a result. As soon as I switched to the heavier ball my mechanics were better. I think this is due to the fact that the ball is heavier and I am unable to manipulate it as much be sheer power and just had to let the ball do the work.

Last thing – I took all three poker hands again last night. That makes me 13 out of 15 and at least 12 in a row. Ruben is threatening to quit and thinks I might need a handicap to ensure other people have a chance to win.

Signing off for now. Busy week planned ahead. The weather has started to turn cold at night. Leaves are falling.

More to come…

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