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Some of you may know this already, I am an avid reader. What does that mean, to be an avid reader? To me it simply means that you have a constant hunger to be reading. It may cross boundaries from fiction to non-fiction or from western to romance, whatever, the point is that you read for the sake of reading.

Growing up I read a ton of sci-fi/fantasy books by Piers Anthony, David Eddings, the duo of Weis & Hickman, Harry Harrison, Joes Rosenberg, nearly all of the Shadowrun novels of which there are many but to many different authors to name and Paul Kidd. As I got older my appetites changed and I started reading Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher. You know the stuff, preternatural hunters, vamps, were-wolves, the occasional zombie. All this and set in today’s timeline.

With all of this make-believe I do need a little diversity and grounding in my diet so I have taken to reading some non-fiction. As I work in downtown Portland and just a few blocks away from the Multnomah County Library I visit occasionally on my breaks to get a take on new material that has been coming out. As it so happened I came across Roger Ebert’s memoir “Life Itself.” I thought this might be interesting since I grew up with him & Gene Siskel on Siskel & Ebert at the Movies for years and years talking and often arguing about the qualities of movies. Some had it, others did not, whatever it was.

Another thing to know about me is I generally only read on the bus and at night in bed before I turn out the light. It is challenging for me, during the day to just sit down and read. I am not exactly sue why, but it is.

So I start to read Life Itself and I have no idea what it will be about. I figure since it is a memoir that is will talk about his life growing up and whatnot and ultimately end up with a large section of the book dedicated to his adult life, yada yada yada cuz you know, it’s a memoir.

Sadly I admit I got to chapter 5 and caved on reading any further. It isn’t like it was horrible, it was more like reading a book for school that you have to read but it isn’t something you particularly want to read. It was like that. I wasn’t invested in it like I am with almost all of the other books I choose.

Here is what I can say about the book. It is very details and I give kudos for Roger’s mind. It is like a steel trap. It is sad that his physical challenges have made it so he can longer speak however he can still write and has a fantastic mind for detail. I am literally dumbfounded on the detail this mad can recollect.

I don’t feel sorry for Roger but rather applaud his perseverance. He and others like him that have lost the ability to speak in the traditional sense have founds ways of being heard. Two other individuals that come to mind are Stephen Hawking and Christopher Reeve. Both were/are unable to talk in the traditional sense but both were able to communicate their ideas and are heard.

I digress.

At this moment I have been recommended the Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower. I actually have no real idea of what they are about but I have heard many people talk about them and am looking forward to reading something a little different. I am told the first book is around 200 pages, which is really short so I should have no trouble sinking my teeth into it.

That is it for now. I will be posting about this weekends activities likely tomorrow with pics of my Halloween costume and how bowling went tonight.

More to come.


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