Bowling Update Week 6

This week was really pretty terrible for me but as a team we did quite well.

I rolled 151, 154, 233. Not to make excuses for bowling poorly because I honestly do not believe in doing that. I kept trying to force the ball to roll a line on the lane that it was not going to work well on. I also kept dropping my shoulder and throwing outside, where all the oil was. and left a ton of washouts. Finally I threw caution to the wind and moved to the farthest left dots on the approach and kept my same line on the lane, which was about the third from the right. Guess what – it worked. I rolled a 233 and ended the drought.

You can view the league details here – Independent Merchants

Despite my deplorable efforts the guys were unshakable and we were able to hang on for 24 points. This keeps us in 1st place by 18 or so. Next week is the final week for the quarter and if we take 1st place we are get a birth in the championship round on sweeps night.

If you have any questions about bowling jargon like sweeps or what oil on the lanes mean I am happy to answer all questions.

More to come.

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