No Rest for the Wicked…or is that Weary!?

Another busy weekend for the LeRoy-Jahns household. Let me recap.

Friday Night –

Jess and I went to see David Sedaris at the “Schnitz” across the street from where I work in downtown Portland. Neither Jess or I had seen him live but Jess has read at least one of his books.

So we get to the venue and it is buzzing with people standing on the sidewalk in front of and around the corner from the main entrance smoking cigarettes and talking in small groups.

We walk in and there are two lines; one line for book purchasing and another for book signing. Jess was at a crossroads on whether she should do it, so I was like let’s make it happen…and that is when I put my foot into my mouth. I didn’t really give Jess time to make a choice and was removing her process to do so. I quickly said I would leave to find my seat and let her make her choice without my mouth getting in the way.

About 40 minutes later she arrived with a signed copy of his latest book Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary. I read a small story and did not get it at all and was beginning to think that I was not going to enjoy this reading at all. Fortunately I was completely off-base and found David funny and well poised and human because he did make mistakes when he read.

After an excellent show we walked a block down the street to The Melting Pot, a restaurant that does fondue. We had dessert that consisted of dark chocolate and tuaca for the dipping portion of the festivities and had strawberries, coconut (I think) covered white and chocolate marshmallows, cheesecake, fudge brownies. There may have been more but I am still recovering from the sugar coma I am in. Once we finished our dippers we were asked if we wanted more, to which we said in the immortal words of Patton Oswalt, “Fuck Yes”. We were given more strawberries and fudge brownies bites and finished off our sauce for no extra charge.

I can say that if you have never tried The Melting Pot, you should. They are fantastic and the location is kind of kewl as well because the entrance to the establishment is a stairwell leading down under a brick gazebo thing to their foyer. They are a little spendy but the mood and food is well worth it.


We decided to go to our former wine club for a couple of bottles of a particular wine we had with our crab dinner for Thanksgiving last year as that is what we are having again this year. Everyone said the pairing of those two were the best and we thought we should try to replicate perfection.

We came in and the place was packed, no surprise there, so we stood against the wall and watched the OSU Beavers get trounced on basketball while we nibbled on grapes, crackers, nuts and assorted cheeses.

We tried three white and three reds and I found that I actually liked one of the reds and none of the whites which is unusual as I typically dislike reds because of their tannins and acids. Sweets also typically are sweeter. This time I actually found a red I liked. Weird.

We were told about a sale on wine and we of course (sarcasm) had to buy a case of it. Instead of $16/bottle we get the case for $125 or $10.41/bottle. We plan on selling some of the bottles to Jessica’s mother and sister to defray the cost and everyone gets cheaper wine.

After the wine trip we made a quick jaunt to a distillery that was doing a tasting so we stopped in. I actually liked it and Jess hadn’t, so I purchased a bottle of their new stuff. Strictly for medicinal purposes of course.

Afterwords we went to a new fish market that opened up on 28th Hawthorne to see what it was like and to see the variety/quality of their wares. It was small but they did actually has a fair selection of fish and foul on-hand.

We finally settled in to watch a video that Jess wanted to share with me about how to separate feeling shame and feeling guilt. I thought it was going to be boring and stuffy and not at all anything I was going to appreciate let alone get anything of use out of it…but I was very pleasantly surprised that I was engaged almost from the beginning.

The message was well delivered and has given me food for thought. I admit that working on personal growth is not my favorite thing in the world but it does help to examine why we I do the things we I do and try to do them better or differently in a manner that allows for better personal feelings about doing them, whatever them happens to be. I know that probably didn’t make a lot of sense.

In order to address an issue we (I) have to examine why I do them the way I do and determine if it is done in a healthy way. If not how can I alter how I do them to make them healthy.

We watched an episode of Modern Family and an episode of Parks and Recreation. Both were good.

Sunday –

Sunday we woke up and them remembered about daylight savings time. So at 8am it turned into 7am real quick. This did not bother me as I was writing the background for my new Sunday D&D game character and had chores around the house to do.

I wrote, I vacuumed, I folded laundry and I played D&D. Later Jess and I went to the Chiles Center on the U of P compass for a benefit basketball game Lamarcus Aldridge set up with some of his NBA homies. We got to see L.A., Kevin Durant, Wesley Matthews, Steve Blake, Jeff Pendergraph, James Hardin, Armon Johnson, Chris Johnson and a bunch of other players I can’t name right now. It was awesome. Just two teams playing some ball and having fun. There were no hard fouls no dickish movies, just two teams letting each other play and do a little show-boating in the process.

That was one hell of a weekend. I know I downplayed some of the events to keep this entry a little shorter so that I can actually post it in a timely manner.

 More to come…

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