Bowling Update – Week 7 – End of 1st Quarter

We have come to the end of the 1st quarter and the results are in…The Wrecking Crew, has taken first place. What does this mean for my team? We get a birth as one of four or fewer teams that will be playing for league champions. Boo-ya!

Since it was an exciting night for all I will share all of our scores.

  • Tommy – 173 – 158 – 99 – 430 (Series)
  • Terri – 145 – 134 – 189 – 468 (Series – substituting for Ruben)
  • Bill – 178 – 225 – 133 – 536 (Series)
  • Tod – 171 – 164 – 165 – 500 – (Series)
  • James – 208 – 170 – 212 – 590 – (Series)

We ended up taking 24 points out of 35 and locked in first place. For my own part I was all over the place and switched between balls regularly, which is something I do not like to do but because both balls react so differently to the lane conditions I kept switching back and forth to try to maintain close to my average which has been slowly dropping over the last couple weeks.

I think to two rocks for the team last night were clearly Terri and Tod, both were consistent and held up those of us who faltered a little bit until we could get our footing back.

So it’s back to the grind next week to fight for the top spot again.

More to come…

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