Stephen King – The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower I – 1978

In recent weeks I have been struggling to find some material that could keep my interest long enough so that I could finish it. Truth be told I can finish any book I start – I just need to be motivated to make my way through it regardless of how long and disinterested I become.

A colleague of mine at work mentioned at some point in the past the The Gunslinger by Stephen King is where it is at so last week when I returned an anthology of collected were-stories I threw up my hands in desperation and said “What the hell” and grabbed the last remaining copy that the library had.

I went in with no idea of what the book was about only what was left up to my imagination based on the title and what my colleague mentioned about the book, which thankfully was minimal so as not to spoil anything for me.

I will get my scoop on the book after I finish it up which should be in a week or so based on my current speed.

More to come…

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