Bowling Week 8

Tough week for me individually and the team for the first game but the team managed to hang tough and pull the night out of the frying pan.

Monday night was a tough night on what should have been cake; the lanes were pretty good to me once I got them figured out. I only had to throw one ball instead of switching between the two I bring, because the lanes were readable. I just kept dropping my shoulder and swinging the ball outside never to return from no-mans land.

Once I slowed my approach down, followed through and swung my leg out, my shot was REALLY good. In fact I struck on one lane the bulk of one game and much of the others. Having said that I did forget everything the next frame and dropped my shoulder leaving washout after washout.

On the bright side for myself I think I converted all but 1 ten-pin out of about six I shot at. Also good news; Ruben started off as shaky as the rest of us but was able to take some advice that Bill and I gave him and apply it (follow through) to pull out a nice 164 in the last game. The real treat and defense against repeating the first game where we lost all ten points came from Tod. He managed to pull out a 212 with a 224 backer to stave off our completely melting down.

Not to say that the rest of the team didn’t show up to bowl but I think the greatest boost came from Tod and Ruben, the rest of us were consistent.

Here is a run-down of the games:

  • Tommy – 158 – 164 – 131
  • Ruben – 119 – 124 – 167
  • Bill – 140 – 154 – 162
  • Tod – 144 – 212 – 224
  • James – 179 – 192 – 171

We ended up taking 0 the first game, eight the second game, seven the third and five for series for a grand total of 20 points. Pretty good start to the second quarter. Not much thanks to me. I am not beating myself up (okay – maybe a little) but as the anchor I should be the most consistent. I did not do my job but fortunately the rest of the teamed pulled it out.

Thanks Guys!

More to come…

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