The Return of the Cheese!

Many years ago when my buddy Tommy was in between jobs or had a job that allowed for him to get together during the week for gaming he played an orc fighter/barbarian or some such and his battle cry was “CHEESE!” Not really accurate but whenever he got the opportunity to say it, buy it, eat it, put it on his head and wear it as a birthday hat…he would. 

I believe his thought process around it was much the same as the mentally challenged character in Stephen King’s The Stand that always spelled everything M O O N. With a limited capacity for the silver tipped elegance of lingual foreplay he shouted what he knew, which was CHEESE!

Well, my buddy Tommy is rejoining our group in a limited capacity. Instead of every week gaming, he will be joining us ever other week as his job is such that he gets our gaming night off every other week. Better than nothing. This will help to fill the gap left from Jennifer taking some time off for school and recharging her batteries.

What we have decided to do to accommodate Tommy’s schedule is that we will switch our games every week as opposed to every other week. This will be a little awkward but I think once we get used to it the schedule it will be fine.

I think we are playing in Paul’s home-brew “Grimm” game.

More to come…

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