Black Friday 2011

This morning my wife and I were greeted by our niece Vivian giving us a wake up call. This was a staged event and all adults knew what was going to take place but for Viv who didn’t know we knew, it was a very big deal.

After she “woke” us up, she left the room and returned a minute later with a Curious George book and asked if we would read it to her. She loves books and especially loves having them read to her. So far this weekend I have read Babar Goes to School (twice) and the Twelve Days of Christmas.

We shared the holiday with Jess’ family in Seattle this Thanksgiving, all except Marshall who is working in Florida. Fortunately we will ALL be getting together for Christmas. As you would expect Thanksgiving is a big deal for the Jahns/Guglielmo/Nutt families. Largely Donna, Becky and Jess did the majority of the cooking while Cary watched Vince(he and Becky’s latest arrival), Phil was tasked with doing things that required him to go to and fro quite a bit, inside and out, while I managed to largely stay out of the fray until it was time to check the turkey or ultimately carve the bird.

Diner was a wild success, not necessarily because it was all of the wonderful dishes that we all liked but because of the love and cooperation that went into its formation.

Having said that about Jess’ family I called my own to see how things were at the Nutt household. Mom and Michelle were hosting and had by sister Corrie with her husband Mohammad along with my brother Linus. From what I here it was another successful dinner where people struck up conversation, relished the bonds of family and generally ate a ton of really wonderful food.

Finally we had to make our way back to Portland so that we might get the chance to have dinner with mom and Michelle while we could. Donna and Phil live hell-and-gone away from Portland (Omak WA) and takes some serious maneuvering to make it down.

We decided on the Iron Horse mexican restaurant for dinner which we all made at about the same time. Great timing if I may say so myself. After dinner we headed back home for last-minute preparations for our two-week trip to Hawai’i. More on that from Hawai’i in the next couple days.

More to come…

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